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lipstick vs lip gloss
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6 Reasons Lip Gloss Beats Lipstick

According to the Office of National Statistics, lip gloss has replaced lipstick as the must-have on-the-go beauty item. The Daily Mail refers to this switch as "recessionista fashion," and BBC News points to it as a sign of inflation. But is the economy the real cause of gloss's new reign?

kelly cutrone
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Bravo TV Star Urges Housewives To Buy Sex Toys

Tonight, Bravo will air their latest episode of Kell on Earth, in which Kelly Cutrone takes a trip to Babeland, one of our absolute favorite (sex) toy shops. Bravo initially wasn't going to air that segment of the episode—supposedly because it didn't fit in seamlessly with the storyline—but Cutrone put her foot down and some quick editing was done. Because everyone's favorite fashion PR guru wanted women to know: shopping for sex toys is fine…and fun!

flirting vs sexual harassment
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Flirting At Work: When Is It Sexual Harassment?

Asking your boss for sex clearly crosses the line from work flirting to sexual harassment, as one Australian former police officer learned. Is female success within the workplace making women more sexually aggressive? Are women so darn overworked they can't think of anywhere else to seek out some action? And—most disturbingly—are women more likely than men to get away with it?

coffee shop

Male Take: Where To Meet Good Men

Where do you go to meet decent guys? The answer, of course, is not bars. Going to bars works for drunken hook-ups (and, hey, sometimes that might be what the Dr. ordered), but for something more promising, you need to be sober and talking to someone who isn't just out for a wasted romp. Here are five tried-and-true places to meet guys more likely to be good relationship material.

Work Vs Love: A Man's Case For Putting Work First

Work Vs Love: A Man's Case For Putting Work First

Women aren't the only ones who struggle with "having it all." Men are faced with the touch choice between growing their personal fulfillment in a career or settling down with Ms. Right. An accomplished author chose work over love, delaying romance in order to pursue his dream career. He writes: "I'm 45 now. I've written for the New Yorker, the New York Times magazine, GQ, and lots of others. But I'm not married." Read the rest of his story.

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Oral Sex + Stabbing = Pregnancy?

Woman with no vagina gets pregnant? A story of dubious legitimacy about a teenager without a vagina who became pregnant after swallowing semen and then getting knifed in the gut is making the rounds on the internet, after being scrounged up in a decades-old British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Is the internet finding fact or spreading rumors?

body language
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Nonverbal Cues That Your Date Is Into You

These days, small talk isn't enough to determine if someone is into you, but you can rely on more innate signs based on a person's body language. Sure, a big, wide smile is a good starting point, but there are other telltale signs that can also tip you off as to whether your date is into you.

meeting his friends

Win Over His Friends In 7 Moves

Dating someone new is fraught with potholes. One of the early chasms in a new relationship is the challenge inherent in winning his friends over. Meeting his friends is your chance to make some great first impressions. Here's how.

voodoo doll with pins
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10 Outrageous Ways To Get Revenge On An Ex

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Thankfully, these ten jilted lovers ignored that old adage, otherwise we wouldn't have such a fun, ridiculous and hot list. Love can make you do a lot of crazy things, but the loss of love put these folks over the edge, online, and in some case…on fire!

man with fingers in his ears

Poll: Does Your Sweetie Ever Drive You Crazy?

Poll: Does Your Sweetie Ever Drive You Crazy?: Push his/her buttons right back.  Ignore it. My sweetie would never push my buttons on purpose! Sweetly ask him why he's doing THAT THING THAT IS SO ANNOYING?! Tell him he's bugging me and politely ask him to stop.