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Miami Priest Marries Girlfriend

After the television cameras faded to black and the limelight went dim, Cutie and his lover quietly crept off to the alter to tie the knot and make their union official. On Tuesday, the displaced priest (who because he has not been formally removed by the Vatican is still technically a Catholic priest) married his long-time girlfriend of two years, Ruhama Canellis, reports the Associated Press.

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Mate Selection: How It Works

In his recent paper, Mate Choice and Sexual Selection: What Have We Learned Since Darwin, evolution scientist and professor Adam Jones from Texas A&M University marvels that Darwin got it right with his theory 150 years ago that mate selection is anything but random chance.

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Man Sues Dating Site

There's little else that feels as bad as unrequited love. It's a theme that has been present in some of the most prolific love stories (or tragedies, one might say). One man from Brooklyn recently filed suit against, an Internet dating website, claiming it is leading on its members, reports New York's Daily News.

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Summer Fling Checklist

Summertime, and as Ella would say, the rhythm is easy. So keep an eye out and find yourself a fun companion to go and do with these three months. Here are eight date ideas to add to your summer fling checklist. Remember, summer flings are fleeting and you won't have an endless amount of time together. Do grab your calendar and start jotting down some date.

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Gay Talese Pens New Book On 50-Yr. Marriage

Oh, what times they must have been. In the '70s writer Gay Talese was in throes of research, working on a novel. This wasn't just any reporter's notepad, though. His research involved scouting out massage parlors and trailing orgies with a crew of New York City couples.

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Dumped At The Altar

June is upon us. You know what that means: Wedding bells are ringing. But not in all cases. As if there was any shortage of reality television shows, one more has been added to the list. We recently stumbled onto the premier episode of "Hitched or Ditched," a new reality TV show from The CW, the network that brings us Gossip Girl and America's Next Top Model.

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How To Tackle Money Matters In Relationships

"Eventually, money affects every part of a romantic relationship. Where you live, where you eat, where you vacation, where your kids go to school and what car you drop them off in," says Bethany Palmer of The Money Couple who wrote, First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage. The tricky part is knowing at what point financial matters should enter your relationship and how to bring up money matters.

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Technology: The New Compatibility Test

Compatibility was already complicated enough. She's an only-child; he's from a family of 12. He's a meticulous planner; she's fly-by-her-seat spontaneous. She's all urban; he's a rustic nature lover. But technology is fast adding an entirely new layer of compatibility for would-be couples. And it can suss out the potential for a relationship in a matter of dates, reports Monica Hesse for Washington Post Styles.

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Finding Religion After Finding The One

When my husband and I got married, our divergent religious backgrounds were the last thing on my mind. From the start, we were in full agreement that we would blend our Jewish and Christian traditions into an unstructured cornucopia of customs and holiday celebrations. This all-inclusive philosophy presented little conflict, and we were compatible in our religious laziness. But, eventually, I became a restless wanderer with unresolved questions about my soul's purpose on this earth, and I longed for a deeper, more personal relationship with God.

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Is This Why Men Don't Ask For Directions?

A new study out yesterday found, the way women and men understand art might help us to understand how both sexes make sense of their surroundings. The study gives the example that women are hopeless when it comes to direction and men are more apt to lose things. And although this might be semi-true (I am pretty pathetic when it comes to getting around town), I have friends who could rival Bear Grylls from Man Vs. Wild—But that is neither here, nor there. What's more important? When researchers showed men and women pieces of art, they discovered that, while only the right hemisphere of the man's brain lit up, both hemispheres of the woman's became engaged.

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She's A Sports Fan, He's Not

Millions of couples will snuggle up on the couch or set out to celebrate the Super Bowl this Sunday. The national event that conjures images of wings, beer and hearty brouhaha can be the biggest day of the year to some and just another Sunday to others. And sometimes those differing esteems exist within a couple. We know what you're thinking: the guy's the one glued to the TV, right? We love relationships that defy stereotypes, so we set out to find couples where she's the sports fan, and he's not. We found two relationships where the lady loves sports and her man couldn't care less. And, as each writer points out, they'd not want it any other way.

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Can An Artist Love A Diehard Football Fan?

Like most women on the planet, I dreamed that I would one day find the perfect man. Someone who would not mind me occasionally bringing home a stray dog or cat. A man who could watch Monty Python's Holy Grail repeatedly and would still have a beverage shoot out his nose when the Frenchman says, "I fart in your general direction." And, most importantly, I longed for a man who could spend many a Sunday afternoon lying on the couch watching football with me. Honestly, I thought that the last requirement on my list would be the easiest to fulfill. Well, as luck would have it, I did find my dream guy. I found him in his indigenous environment: the art museum. He was displaying his original artwork, oil paintings of various people and things. I thought he was brilliant and talented. He swept me off my feet from the moment I met him. He was kind, funny, intelligent—almost everything I wanted in a man. But, sadly, he didn't care so much for watching large men in spandex beat the crap out of each other for possession of a ball. I was devastated. How could someone so perfect be so horribly flawed? He couldn't relate to such barbaric activity of testosterone and sweat.