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My life dosen't feel started yet!!

I live on an army base with my husband. I have a five month old. And I am only 24 years old and have already lost so much in the couple of years. Yet I don't do much just for myself. I feel lost and don't know how to find my way through my own battles of life.

Make A Play Date With Your Spouse!

This Month on the Parents Tool Talk Radio Show: "Make A Play Date With Your Spouse!" Valentine's Day is coming, and this month, Jody and our guest expert will be discussing romance for parents and parenting partners in a show we've titled: "Make A Play Date With Your Spouse!"

no love life

I have not a realitionship since 2003 .I was support to get married on my then fiancee birthday.but his mother attacked me and then threw me out her home where we living at the time.So now I am gun shy after being hurt and betrayed.I had a job then and help supporting him and myself.Before him there was a jerk who chased my child for good time.I will not do that again.I was played him.I will not be played again.And tell any man that you better not lay a hand on me.Because you need to sleep sometime.I have never done anything to anybody but they get the message loud and clear.