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I am single and cooking a pot roast right now. The house smells soooo good. I am hungry!

My next 50 years

My youngest daughter takes great delight in reminding me that I will be a half century old this year. She has marked my journey to the golden 50 year mark ever since she passed second grade math. So I have decide to write my thoughts about reaching that milestone of life and what I see for my next 50 years. My title comes from a Phil Vassar song called my next 30 years, but since I passed that mark awhile ago, I decided it fits for my 50th.

Will I every learn

Why did men only want to meet for sex. I have this guy myspacing me for a over month, just asking how  i am, what i up to how was my week. he has asked several times to meet, yet he won't send an actual photo of himself. Should i meet with him or just let it pass. I'm not sure of why i have nto met up with him. Should i meet him or just disregard his invites. He seems to be a decent guy, except for the fact that his friends on myspace are all females.