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is he a complicated man or is it jus me

i have been living with my babysfather for four years now we have two kids together one five years old and another one on the waty, i know this may sound stupid but i love him . anyways whenever he sees interested in some one else he alway compare them with me. either my hair is not done right or i need to lose more weight and go to the gym or i need to go to school. everytime i ask him about these woman he says they r just friend. even at times he will tell me i dont stimilate is mind cause i cant hold a conversation or i dont talk to him at all.thats the only way i can tell when he finds another woman to hung out with now this time around he wants me to still be in a relationship with him while he sees this other person on the side who makes him more motivated to do things good in his life and i should compete with that. its even more complicated than that but i just want to know if i change for this man will he love me more or just find something more to change in me.

wow this is not how i imagined my life!!

  meet a guy fall in love and live happly ever after? NOT!!!    Divorice is knocking our door down and quite honestly i dont believe there is anything thats going to stop it.. have you ever tryed and tryed and tryed and yet tryed again and still things dont work out? yep that how i feel.. ive learned that i cant make him happy no matter what i do or try to do. ive crosses lines i should have never crossed with him. Ive tryed talking just to be told im being stupid. No im not its my feeling there not stupid there me... And I've been doing major thinking I dont even know me any more. I know my kids and husband but not me.. Besides the color purple i havent a clue as to who i am or what i like to do!!!  this isnt a way to live its past time to get out!!!  

V Day Traditions

V Day Traditions

What are your V day traditions? Do they involve love and sexy things or just opening a bottle of wine with your friends and cursing love?

Welcome to my blog

I am a single woman in her 30s, working as an educator. I find myself not exactly where I want to be: single, on a career-track, but without the family I thought I'd have at this point. Laugh, mock, pity, commiserate with me at my blog at And add your own experiences!

The Back story!

I've always enjoyed the "thrill of the chase" but what happens when you get tired of running? you find true love and then you just jog at a comfortable pace