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Finding Mr. Right Number Two

I don't feel old at all, but I do feel alone, even 10 years after my husband died. I have a great life, but am really missing having a good relationship with a fine man. But life, with grown children now, offers limitless possibilities. It's just a matter of involving oneself in as many things as possible (and as many that I have the energy for!) Right now that is the problem. Going out, even to the bookstore or the mall, can sometimes just seem not worth it after a long day at work, and when we have! Walking the dog offers limited exposure (although he is pretty happy.) My hobby puts me in touch with great people, but not always of the same pursuasion as I am. And, among my many, many, many women friends, I do not seem to find people suggesting men for me. I welcome any suggestions as to where to place myself to meet nice men my own age, especially since I am not the bar-scene type..