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The Third Wheel

The Third Wheel

Yes, I knew it was wrong when I started.  He was on the fast track to marriage.  And he was my boss.  But like all decisions made when alcohol is involved, morality isn't exactly a high factor. I remember the first time I saw him.  I had just started as an intern in a medium sized company and my boss brought me around to make introductions.  And there he sat.  His long lean frame curled up over a computer, his glasses just slightly too big for his face.  His hair in need of a hair cut  Not long, but long enough to make it seem unkempt.  A nerd to the core was my initial thought.  And it was also what attracted me to him so. He looked up from his computer screen and smiled, a brief genuine smile that sent sparks shooting up and down my spine.  I reciprocated, and continued my introduction rounds.  Little did I know at that point, that for the next four years he'd be my immediate supervisor.

My Husband Forgave Me For Hitting Him

My Husband Forgave Me For Hitting Him

After last weeks nightmare, my husband and I have spent this week trying to patch the hole we created in an otherwise strong foundation. We've learned a lot about each other in the process.

Devoted husband in Iraq..

The dificulties of sustaining a happy and prosperous marriage while handling the responsiblilies of deployment and being being separated from the one(s) you love.

secrets men women

10 Secrets Men Keep From Women

OK, enough already. I'm getting annoyed with women writing about what men want from a relationship. In case you haven't figured it out, women don't know men any more than men know women, and if we do know each other, then we don't like the answers.

An Ill Thrill!

The start of some friendships can be elusive. Those butterflies in your stomach morph into moths and you know it as soon as they begin to eat holes in your spirit. But, like a champ, you hold onto that white towel and go back in for another round, another date, another night. Now a bit burdened with wonder, (is it you? is it me?) and a smile on your  face; secretly in conflict with the moths in your gut, you begin to question (definitely a deal breaker for those aloof) the change in the flow of things. It seems the logical thing to do before throwing in the towel.??? Responses to questions bring clarity to things we do not understand about one another.  It may seem trite or trivial to those who know everything, but some of us prefer to get to know you personally rather than assumingly based on  past soured relationships.