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Easier to Give Then to recieve?

Easier to Give Then to recieve?

Sometimes our advice can have double standards for ourselves why is it easier to tell everyone else the right thing to do but we can't tell our selves the truth of what we really think?

He doesn't want kids and I do!!!

I am in this situation right now My bi clock is ticking and I am older than my BF and he has one kid with his ex. He has stated he doesn't want another child because its too hard to raise the child he has. He has had some issues with his child's behavior and he also seems to think that his child should be good enough for me to have. Some other womens child he had with is just not the same thing as having a child of your own with the guy you love. His child doesn't even live with him so I don't see him often. I have no part in raising this child and he sure doesn't respect me as a mom. I do what I can when I actually see him and I try to be his friend, but that is all I can do. Why wouldn't the man you love want to have a child with you? He loves me and I love him, its getting worse and I'm starting to resent him for trying to make me miss out on motherhood. I'm slowly becoming more distant from him and I'm wondering how hard its going to be to get back out there at my age and try and find someone again not to mention marriage and children and there still is no guarantee i will find anybody. It sucks and im depressed as hell!!!

5 Reasons to Stay

One of my favorite quotes about love and marriage comes from Oscar Wilde: A Man can be happy with any woman as long as he does not love her. While that saying makes me laugh, Wilde is also getting to something important: Marriage is tricky. And in today's society where the martial woes of everyone from the Sanfords to John and Kate Gosselin are headline news, we are presented with every reason in the world to give up on our relationships -- and fewer and fewer reasons to stay. While researching my most recent novel, I sat down and spoke to women, men, and married couples about why they do stay. And, sometimes, why they wished they had. This is the best advice I've found. 1. Love is a decision Watching Governor Sanford stand up over these past weeks and speak about how he found his soul mate in his Argentinean lover reminded me of something Pema Chodron, a Buddhist nun and author, wrote about Sweat Lodges. She wrote that the only way to be in a Sweat Lodge -- to experience all that