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Brainwashing to the extreme!

I have a step son who's mom is brain washing him. She is feeding him lies about my husband and I and I'm afraid it will effect my other children when he comes to visit our home. I'm also afraid he will do something to our home when we are asleep or if we don't watch him like a hawk. We are in the process of moving and will then get a lawyer to take her to court, but in the mean time we have tried talking to him about the allegations said about us and still feel that he believes his mother. Any advice on how to deal with a child that is being put throuhg something like this? Also, we never say anything bad about his mother or any other family memebers because we don't like drama and dont' want to mess him up and make him feel like he is at fault. 

Did She Dump Him Because He's Broke

Did She Dump Him Because He's Broke

Name: john | | Location: nyc , ny |Question: So here is a question. I dated a girl in New York a few years ago. She was a girl who worked in a similar field, I was attracted to, and we did a lot of fun stuff together. She was perfect for me. I broke up with her for a number of reasons, because she wouldn't leave New York, because she didn't want to spend time with my family even though I spent time with hers, and because I felt like our relationship could only be sustained with a certain level of money, I am not talking about a lot of money, just that the amount I made was not enough. For example, I felt a lot of financial pressure, when we went away together she wanted to do things I felt I couldn't afford, I felt like for the relationship to continue we had to eat out a certain amount. We even went so far as creating a fund where we would both contribute to maintain fun things, equally contributed to. But, we ended up breaking up after a night when I had a

the princess seachers my prince

Hello! I very cheerful and cheerful woman who does not suffice man's attention. I maintain a healthy way of life, I go in for sports, I love walks on the nature. I adore to listen to music of various directions. I the romantic and careful woman, I love a cosiness in my house. If you wish to find out more about me, write, I will necessarily answer you... I wait for your letter.