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Did She Dump Him Because He's Broke

Did She Dump Him Because He's Broke

Name: john | | Location: nyc , ny |Question: So here is a question. I dated a girl in New York a few years ago. She was a girl who worked in a similar field, I was attracted to, and we did a lot of fun stuff together. She was perfect for me. I broke up with her for a number of reasons, because she wouldn't leave New York, because she didn't want to spend time with my family even though I spent time with hers, and because I felt like our relationship could only be sustained with a certain level of money, I am not talking about a lot of money, just that the amount I made was not enough. For example, I felt a lot of financial pressure, when we went away together she wanted to do things I felt I couldn't afford, I felt like for the relationship to continue we had to eat out a certain amount. We even went so far as creating a fund where we would both contribute to maintain fun things, equally contributed to. But, we ended up breaking up after a night when I had a

the princess seachers my prince

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Never Date & Blog

Okay, look. If there's one lesson I have learned from Blogging and living my life publicly it's been this: Don't date and blog. Here's the deal. Men hate drama. Even if it's good drama. They just hate it. They especially hate being a character in a woman's little drama. Blogging = drama. Worse, they hate hearing every innermost thought that we have when those thoughts mention "marriage" or "Prince Charming" or "The One." I once said I was smitten with a guy after a first date only to have our second date broken because he admitted to reading my blog and freaking out. Smitten. All I said was that I was smitten. He ran so fast he left skid marks on my blog. You'd think, being that I've immersed myself in this little dating world and positioned myself as an "expert" (I'm not) that I'd know that blogging about a man and getting all gushy after a couple dates is the kiss of death. At first I refused to co-sign on to that idea. I felt I should be allowed to be me, be who