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Advice please!

To make a long story short.I started seeing this man 10 months ago.We met trhough friends and we almost immediatly started as booty call,F*** buddy partner.I could have not cared less about him but he was a safe man I could sleep with so I did.But he started developing feelings for me as he would take me out on dates and such.We had a lot of fun together!Did a lot of things together and we started to seem like a real couple.About 8 months in I wanted to become sexually exclusive to him so we did but it was still hard cause my walls were so up high we weren't developing on the emotional level.Month #9 and #10 i can honestly say that my walls went down a little bit and we finally started making love instead of just f*****.I opened up about a few things and I started falling for him thinking that I would'nt even mind carrying his baby.Well at the end of month 10 he freaked out,got scared,said he could never be the man that I need cause we both want different things(eg,kids) so he kicked me out of his house on a Monday night and I left thinking we would never be together again and it just wasn't meant to be.On the friday of that same week he laid his heart right on the line telling me he loved me and he wanted to be with me.He wanted another chance of a possibly beautiful life together.I took a few days to decide and then tried giving him another chance despite my heart and soul hurting from the break up.And I put my requirements on the table for what I want.He said he would consider having children with me when ready. It's been not even a week since we started seeing each other again.All and all he's a changed man.He let his wall down and his ready to assume the work of a relationship.He is the perfect man for me.He's got so many of the things that I need in a man but then why do I feel so nervous about getting into this.Will I ever heal?Am I afraid now that it's getting more serious?I feel very responsible for his happiness now.I am scared.I know I am but I do want to get over it and try falling in love with this man despite how backwards we started. Advice would be greatly appreciated!!!

my x

my x

he claimed he loved me and didn't belive me when i tell him i love him.

Is he an Emotional Bully?

My BoyFriend tends to have the emotion of a brick wall, and tends to be a bit of a mean Bully emotionally, or am I just an Emotional Whimp?