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Perfect 4 Eachother!

At 41, life has never been so beautiful, so "perfect-4-me" as it is now, in my relationship department! Stating that covers a whole lota' bases that I KNEW never existed. Boy oh boy was I WRONG! I consider the man in my life everything to me. He continues to fill all the gaps and cracks, in my entire being inside and out. I thought they could not be filled, were untouchable, didn't know were there, and so on. I am talking about the perfect person 4 me in every way. Friendship, sex, love, partner, companion, buddy, prankster, silly-ass, hard-ass, protector, counselor, advisor, shoulder, insight, and soooooo much more , all I ever wanted,all in one man, ALL for me! Who knew? LOL! I could go on and on..........and I shall

Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?

Should You Invite Your Ex To Your Wedding?

You know you'd never invite the horrible ex that broke your heart to your wedding, or the raving psycho who is still trying to get your fiancé back in bed, but what about those in between? Those men and women who are actually friends, even though you used to knock boots? Should you invite them to your wedding?

To Marry or Not to Marry?

These days, I think it’s more of a decision than it used to be. In the past, folks didn’t even wonder whether they should. They just did it. And I sure know a lot of them that later regretted it, got divorced, and/or stayed in an unhappy marriage.

Try Misbehaving

The October edition of Psychology Today featured an article on misbehaving. In it, the author states that misbehaving, or acting in ways we’d normally deem improper, can be good for our souls. It can boost our mood, leave us with a sense of liberation, get our creative juices flowing, and make for great memories. Sign me up!

How To Help Her Orgasm

I recently found an article in Glamour magazine that I thought might be interesting to some of you guys. The article is called “Yes (Oh, yes ) Real Women tell their Orgasm Secrets. In it, the truth about women’s orgasms is revealed: that women vary quite a bit in their ability to have an orgasm, how fast or slow they have an orgasm, and what kind of orgasms they have. But the big myth of the Cinderella sex is blown.

Warning Signs of Desperate Daters

I first met Danielle at a pool party in Nantucket more than a year ago. The nearly forty year old beauty came to our clique as a "plus one" at a time when she was struggling with a break-up. Scads of men sidled up to her, but with her angst pouring liberally along with the wine, it got to the point where everyone started feeling a bit overserved.  Since that time Danielle's gushing performance has become a "table topic" amongst our clan. Then this weekend she was back, this time for brunch, claiming to be "new and improved." But as the saying goes "old habits die hard" and Danielle proved to be no exception. Just minutes had passed before she took center stage, only this time asking anyone who would listen to "fix her"…up.