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If not finding fat attractive...

Heres another thought that crossed my mind. Many fat militants say that the reason fat isn't considered attractive to many is due to 'media brainwashing'.

Fat is Bad for Married Sex

Does the idea of having sex with your fat spouse really get you excited?  With the exception of a few people with “fat fetishes”, having sex with your fat wife or husband either feels obligatory, or meets the bare standard of releasing your pent-up sexual desire.  The overweight partner has even greater issues when it comes to sex, which often goes beyond the psychological. The desire to have sex with a trim sexy partner isn’t a fabricated Hollywood myth; the science behind sexual interest in fit bodies is real and has been confirmed over and over, it is undeniable to a reasonable person. 

Love in 90 Days?

Hi everyone. I just purchased a book by Diana Kirschner, entitled "Love in 90 Days". In it she describes a new approach to dating and finding love in 90 days. She suggests forming a Team Love group where we meet periodically and help each other with advice/ resolving issues we encounter in implementing her approach into practice. It is a support group of a kind. I am not finding an existing group in New York City (Manhattan). I was hoping to start one and perhaps meet every two weeks or so for discussions. Anyone wants to join? It would also help if you purchased her book since the dating approach we will be using is discussed in her book.

On Being the Other Woman

On Being the Other Woman

I am single person. The last boyfriend I had was in 2001 and we broke up. We met again after 8 years and realize that we love each other. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is married to another woman and they have children. I know it is wrong to fall in love with a married man, but my boyfriend told me he never was in love with his wife and they are not compatible. He wants to continue the relationship that we have. Is it ok to continue the relationship that I have right now? How can I help him?