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THANKS TO THE FOUR PEOPLE WHO RESPONDED TO MY QUESTION ABOUT MY 'invalid marriage and my son'. Although my son is moving out of the house next month, he turned 20 years old and yes, it had put a wall between he and I about my husband. I tried to explain that I cannot go on with my husband to what's next in my life. My son and I will always have a bond, he is safe and strong minded like me. He won't believe until he see's it, me as well, my husband is a fooler and I have been played knowingly each time, your right friends, he won't change, he can't, he's tried. For now I am safe, I must be strong and on my own for the first time in 30 years, I CAN DO THIS TOO.

Its been a dry dry new years...

Its been a dry dry new years...

Well, I am the kind of person who just loves to be in love. This blog will be very very boring for someone who doesn't live in a fantasy world like I do. I love to take time off my day and just think about random stuff and I guess thats just what I would be posting here. Love life problems, something interesting i found out, a guy I liked! Anything and everything!


im johnathannn im 18. im tall got short brown hair and brown eyes. im a average size person. i like fun all the tim.