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conflicted with  complications

conflicted with complications

This man is DAMAGED from his Traumatized relationship with my former best friend. When he and I met before their marriage we vowed to be friends forever! Ever since they broke up, after her drug abuse caused them to lose their business, vehicles, she attempted suicide, then once allowed home she had him put out on a lie. I spoke with DHR and told them all the manipulative thins she had done and that kids were in danger. They went to the home removed the kids and 8 hours later she burned down the house "accidentally". He and I have grown closer and joked about marrying one another, and admitted that our feelings ran deeper than friendship. I know he is damaged and he has alot to deal with considering he got custody of all 4 kids. This man has withstood more than I can write. I LOVE him with an unconditional LOVE. A LOVE that is willing to not push and to WAIT until he is healed. If when he is healed he chooses another I will support him and not allow his choice to affect our friendship! My Mama say;s he is worth the wait, Some friends say I am a fool.. I don't care,I just LOVE him!

dating money

Community Blog: Are You Dating A Financial Deadbeat?

Love. With the fresh start of new year upon us and Valentines Day a month away it's natural to have romance on the brain. At risk of bursting your bubble, after the past two years of economic angst, we suggest you pause to see if your sweetie is in the red or in the black when it comes to their finances.

love is real

I am katty david i am loving caring commited and submissive i love dancing reading cooking and swimming i love to be loved and caed for i am seeking a soul mate a m man who will always be there for me when i needed him most

Force Factor Reviews

Force Factor Reviews

Students, teachers, sportsmen, etc all want to stay in good spirits throughout the day. A lot of people achieve this state by meditating or by including yoga exercises in their daily routine.

It can't happen to me STDS & Me

It can't happen to me STDS & Me

STDs are everywhere don't think it can't happen to you. With more than one in five people with an STD it's almost impossible to not contract one throughout your life.