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Dont know what think..or what to do

Dear Lyz - Im very sorry if i email you out of the blue. i dont know how i came across your email address (something It did state if i have a problem to email. I would appreciate some light going mad and beginning to get hurt. Here it goes : I have recently come out of a 10 year relationship. The last 6 mnths of the relationship i started to fall a girl in my office and we started to see each other so much so we had an affair. I was living a double life. I would see this girl everytday after work and the weekend i was back with my girlfriend. I wasnt proud of this and hated the life i was leading. I must say that i love my girlfriend but not in love with her and its been like this for many years. So much so i wasnt even having sex. She is a fabulous girl . Anyway, it was causing much pain to this other girl as every weekend i could be with her. She often tried to break the relationship as she coudn't handle the situation as it was hurting her too much. I tried everything to be patient. It all came to a head and she just had enuff and ended it all. I have triedb to reconcile what i can with her but its just not the same and she tells me she doesnt feel the same anymore. However, we occassionally go out as friends and ended up getting very close..kissing etc and even staying over. I cant work this out...i really want her but she doesnt seem to want it anymore but still wants affection. Its really hard as i work with her!! Your advice and thoights will be so appreciated. excuse my emglish and grammar as i write before in think!! kind reagrds lorenzo

Live and Love like a Green Single

If you want to make a change and start living green, there are many small ways that you can do it while you’re single. You never know - maybe the environment will give back to you and help you meet someone new along the way.