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Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. Then what do we do with the one we are stuck with?

I guess...

I always get really sad when I realize how lonely I am.  It's really funny because for most of my life I have been lonely.  Even when I was with Rick, my ex of seven years I was insanely lonely.  My loneliness comes across as crazy a lot of the time.  Especially to men.  Kinda weird how that works.

Ms. Auinko Mostow hit it on the head

Not just for newlyweds, wedded life should always be what you want it to be. So, if you want to eat wierd food, watch bad tv or wear funny clothes, remember that those are the things you loved about each other once. 27 years into this, we are still dancing in the kitchen to Al Green. Most times together. Sometimes not.