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My Scarlett Letter.

Note: As always, you can follow my life and love with a physical disability on my personal blog, So about what I said... I've had three great loves in my life, all three of which rejected me. They were all silent rejections too. No words were said, and no reason was given for said rejection, such as “I need my space,” “This just isn’t working for me” or “I met someone else [read: someone who is prettier, smarter, less clingy, etc] I’d even settle for the classic “I just want to be friends” routine. But then again, I didn't need them to say the reason out loud. I already knew what it was: my physical disability. It was my own Scarlett Letter, a sort of man repellent, I thought, that seemed to make men want to stay at least 50 feet away from me. At. All. Times.

Love & to make Love

Love & to make Love

You can make love with everybody but you cant love can have sex without love but if you can have sex with love it with be lovely....

Save Tigers

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