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The One Night Stand Between Friends...

The Human Experience The One Night Stand between friends… Its just Sex, right? It’s complicated. What are friends for? I’m sure we have all either been fucked over by a friend or even been on the giving end. So, why not fuck our friends-at least everyone comes out on top-so to speak.

Bridging Womanhood with a Physical Disability

Note: As always, you can continue to follow my journey of life and love with a physical disability on my personal blog So about what I said... I’m many things to many people: daughter, sister, friend, coworker, quirky comedian. All these parts of me harmoniously exist together; in fact, people are amazed at the sheer fact that I don’t topple over from wearing all these different hats. So when I recently tried to seamlessly insert just two more ‘dimensions’ of myself, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of resistance. Eyebrows raised. Noses scrunched. People stood utterly perplexed by my recent admission, as if I were speaking a foreign language.The two pieces of me: My womanhood and my physical disability. Oooh, the two most polar opposite things in the world [insert sarcasm]. The two, it seemed, could never, ever, under any circumstances, intersect, or, as people have led me to believe, the entire universe would implode.

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Love Soccer

5 Reasons Every Woman Should Love Soccer

The planet has been consumed by World Cup Fever, but you’d barely know it from life in the US.  Most Americans will tell you soccer is boring and wholly uninteresting because it takes so long for anyone to score.  But I’m here to tell you those people are wrong.  In fact, if you’re a woman, this game was made for you.  Here’s why: 5.  Va Va Voom Soccer has two 45-minute periods with a 15-minute break in between.  Once the clock starts, it doesn’t stop.  No wimpy time-outs, no bringing proceedings to a halt if players get hurt, no bratty coaches interrupting to throw hissy fits.  The players go until time runs out. A field full of men who can sustain vigorous physical activity for ninety minutes straight?  Goal! Besides, any knucklehead can catch or throw a ball, and with enough practice, lob it into a hole. But can you bounce one off your foot, upper body or head and send it sixty yards into a net?  Me either.

Love & E-mail

Note: Don't forget to read more about my journey on my personal blog, So about what I said... It was official: Our clandestine late-night (OK, 7 p.m.) rendezvous had become habitual. Like a slow tango between two wounded souls, a force beyond our control brought us together night after night. In that dark room, he pulled me toward his soft glow. Except for the ticking of the clock and the tiny sliver of moonlight that crept in through the bay window, we were alone. Just the two of us. We’d been meeting in secret for months, but my stomach still swarmed with butterflies every night. I’d come to like the mystery in our well-orchestrated meetings – how I’d slip on my glasses, how my hands began to shake nervously, how every little move brought us closer together. The sweet tension in the air was palpable.

Committed to Being Single

I've been reading Judy Ford's new book on being single. It's a great book and raised an interesting question: what would you do if you knew that you would never again be in a committed relationship? After thinking it over, I realized that I enjoy the freedom of being single, and that I have a very rich life. So my answer is that I would do pretty much what I'm doing now. That was a very empowering realization. Now I'm not saying that I actually will be single the rest of my life, but I'm committed to this: that if I do enter a serious relationship again, it will be a choice and not based on need, but on sharing what I have with someone special.