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Disability Misconceptions - Part I

Happy Monday, all! As usual, don't forget to follow my adventures on my blog, So about what I said...I recently sat flipping through my old journals. I immediately stopped when I got to a particular entry. it was from sometime during my high school heyday and my teenage self matter-of-factly wrote something along the lines of: Guys just don't like girls in wheelchairs. Or with any sort of disability, it seems. It read back to me like some sort of socially agreed-upon law like the sort that easily rolls off your tongue (First Amendment, anyone?). It was, or at least in my eyes, the sort of social code everyone had memorized, and I probably (OK, I'm certain) didn't think twice when I wrote those words.

Sex: More People Are Doing It: Less Single Adults

Sex: More People Are Doing It: Less Single Adults

Free love has not ruled since the 1970’s but apparently unprotected intercourse among older unmarried Americans is on the rise. According to a recent A.A.R.P. study of singles in the 45 plus category, only 12 percent of the sexually active single men and only 33 percent of sexually active women report using condoms.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> While more than 30 percent of boomers are living the single life, this segment is also the fastest growing group of subscribers for on-line dating. (Source: 2007 Lehman Brothers Equity Research).  As a result of the love boom, sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis and HIV are on the rise among mature adults.

Are you Married but not Dead?

Is it realistic to make a promise “I will love you until death do us part”? Famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy who is considered an expert in understanding human feelings and relationships between people in general and man and woman in specific, in his novella “The Kreutzer Sonata” said: “To say that you can love one person all your life is just like saying that one candle will continue burning as long as you live”. Are you married, but not dead? Interested in discreet married dating? Welcome to - premiere dating website for married and singles. Join free - thousands of members around the world are waiting for you.

Sex Offender Study

Sex Offender Study

From Jan through March of 2010, Reece Manley interviewed and took surveys from 100 sex offenders to understand how their minds work.

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Community: 5 Crushes Every Woman Should Have

Note: Don't forget to follow my journey on my personal blog, So about what I said... I had just turned 15 when I started The List. It was a secret file on my computer that I just prayed no one would find. I rationalized it in my mind: Doesn't everyone make these sorts of lists? After all, it wasn't anything dirty (my early-teen mind had just been scared stiff from a semester of health class and Lifetime movies); instead, it was innocent and little did I know at the time that what started so private would turn into such an eye-opening experience. Over the years, the list grew and grew. And though nothing ever materialized beyond putting their names on the list, it didn't matter. I didn't just fantasize about these men from afar, I fell headfirst over the edge and into a deep, shallow ravine – a ravine of obsessing, analyzing, and of course, there was some drooling in there too.

Rationalising Your Marriage Relationship

So numerous relationships come in second, third as well as worse towards the numerous distractions in our everyday lives. Regrettably, these distractions are allowing numerous marriages to end in divorce or a couple merely co-exists for many years longing for happiness and fulfillment. It merely doesn’t have to become this way. It is time to take a appear at what's truly essential and what will matter within the lengthy run. Once your job or other commitments are gone, all you will have left is an empty marriage or an empty house to face each and every day. It is time to stop producing excuses and discover the time to romance your partner starting these days.