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Is Mel Gibson learning hypnotism?

A Hollywood hypnotist says mesos that he’s been teaching Mel Gibson the secrets of hypnosis. The 54-year-old actor-and-director has reportedly spent 10 days with Australian expert Rick Collingwood, who visited his Los Angeles home and taught him the powers of suggestion and how to put people into a trance. Rick, who is a friend of Mel’s brother Chris, said: “I was heading out to Los Angeles for work so Mel invited me over. I was with him for 10 days teaching him the technique. Mel’s a natural, he’s got the look as well as piercing blue eyes. He’s going to be a great hypnotist. Chris talked to Mel about it over the phone and Mel got interested, too.” Though the Braveheart star took to learning the technique wow gold instantly, Rick is unsure if he has any plans to use it.

The Double Standard

The Double Standard.Why dont we call guys sluts too?Lets do a simple Math problem shall we. 1(GUY) fucks 10 girls = STUD 1(GIRL) fucks 10 guys = SLUT? Something is not adding up here... Guys who get a lot of sex are celebrated, and women who get a lot of sex are disgraced; WTF?!It seems that while moms and dads all across the world gave their little boys and girls the Birds and Bees SEX talk; not everyone got the same info. Little boys were being encouraged to go out and get as much sex as we possibly could and that this was a testimate of our manhood, while little girls were being told to wait and save themselves for that one special day, and that their ability to wait was the testimate of being a lady. Sound familiar? Call me crazy, but it seems like someone is getting set up to fail. It takes two to tango, and at the end of the night someone comes out a stud and the other comes out a slut. But didn't both people agree to have sex and didn't both people also enjoy

2 Ways to Re-ignite a Relationship


You might just be able to still see fireworks, if you get a litte assertive.

Why Oprah hates the handicapped and riggs vote?

Why Oprah hates the handicapped and riggs vote?

One of the hottest debates on the internet right now seems to be a question of whether or not Oprah Winfrey or the people connected with her latest contest are rigging votes. The contest called "Oprah's Search for the Next TV star" has contestants from all over the place sending in audition videos. The winner gets a show on Oprah's new network with voting scheduled to end July 3rd. There are many voters questioning if Oprah rigs votes against Zach Anner in order for another contestant to win.

Shaving–Painfully Annoying

Shaving–Painfully Annoying

There’s no doubt most of us, (myself definitely included) could use a break from “hair removal.” Yet, mini breaks can sometimes stretch into days, months, and even years! Let’s not get carried away now.

The Delicate Art of Flirtexting

Note: Don't forget to follow my personal blog, So about what I said, for up-to-the-minute updates and quirky fun! Having a physical disability has made me keenly aware – and more so over the last few years – of two things: I’ve grown to be overly honest (not such a bad quality) and that being disabled and the delicate art of flirting are not two things that naturally go together. At least that has always been the case for me. Flirting is like learning a new language: there’s a window of opportunity where your mind can absorb it all like a Swiffer sponge: the key phrases, the vocabulary, the weird rules. Once that window closes, though, all you’re left with is the instruction manual – clueless and puzzled.