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Community: 5 Crushes Every Woman Should Have

Note: Don't forget to follow my journey on my personal blog, So about what I said... I had just turned 15 when I started The List. It was a secret file on my computer that I just prayed no one would find. I rationalized it in my mind: Doesn't everyone make these sorts of lists? After all, it wasn't anything dirty (my early-teen mind had just been scared stiff from a semester of health class and Lifetime movies); instead, it was innocent and little did I know at the time that what started so private would turn into such an eye-opening experience. Over the years, the list grew and grew. And though nothing ever materialized beyond putting their names on the list, it didn't matter. I didn't just fantasize about these men from afar, I fell headfirst over the edge and into a deep, shallow ravine – a ravine of obsessing, analyzing, and of course, there was some drooling in there too.

Rationalising Your Marriage Relationship

So numerous relationships come in second, third as well as worse towards the numerous distractions in our everyday lives. Regrettably, these distractions are allowing numerous marriages to end in divorce or a couple merely co-exists for many years longing for happiness and fulfillment. It merely doesn’t have to become this way. It is time to take a appear at what's truly essential and what will matter within the lengthy run. Once your job or other commitments are gone, all you will have left is an empty marriage or an empty house to face each and every day. It is time to stop producing excuses and discover the time to romance your partner starting these days.

The Grand Inquisition

Note: Don't forget to follow my continuing journey on my personal blog, So about what I said.. I've come to dread a seven-word question. I call it the Grand Inquisition because, literally, that’s what it feels like. I’m sitting in a courtroom on the witness stand, poised to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth to a jury – a jury that, as I glance in their direction, seem intent on staring me down. The jury, you probably guessed, is my peers. But why I always seem to be on trial isn’t so easy a question to answer, at least for me. The judging. The assumptions. The constant questioning. Truthfully, it all starts to take its toll after awhile. And why this question holds so much power and leads to such badgering is, quite frankly, beyond me.

Four Words that describe my love life

Four Words that describe my love life

When I posted these four words to describe my love life, it describes my entire love life. My love life, if you could call it that started way too early, way before I was ready for any relationships with "boys", so that's one of the main reasons for the sadness and loneliness. I had it all screwed up in my mind thinking that sex was what love was, so it was pretty crazy. I wanted to use the word confusing also, but those were the most accurate four words.

The One Night Stand Between Friends...

The Human Experience The One Night Stand between friends… Its just Sex, right? It’s complicated. What are friends for? I’m sure we have all either been fucked over by a friend or even been on the giving end. So, why not fuck our friends-at least everyone comes out on top-so to speak.