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I'm Just Not That Into You

Note: Don't forget to follow my personal blog, So about what I said... I did it. I finally caved and gave in to the pop culture pressure of that ubiquitous book, He's Just Not That Into You. When I first bought it, I was SURE the author had me in mind when he came up with the title. Why? Because I AM that girl. I am the girl who is sure, BEYOND A DOUBT, that the guy is madly in love with her. Never mind the signs - he doesn't look me in the eyes, he doesn't even know I exist, he has a girlfriend, he never chases me, he doesn't talk much, he has a girlfriend. Those aren't signs, I think. They're just pesky obstacles on my way to my very own Happily Ever After.

Get Me to The Geek.

Note: As always, follow my continuing journey on my personal blog, So about what I said...I first spotted Cute Cafeteria Guy one sunny spring afternoon as I sat down to eat my usual, boring lunch. The cafeteria was crowded, but it didn’t seem to bother him as he tucked himself away at a corner toward the back. He had that boyish cuteness about him, his attention transfixed on his laptop, which of course was a state-of-the-art model. He remained quiet, shy and reserved, and I remained, well, very interested. He was mysterious and I wanted to know more. Over the next week, I continued to spot him as I sipped my Mountain Dew and tried to work up the courage to approach him. But he suddenly disappeared, and alas, my hopes were quickly and swiftly dashed.