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I know what I saw

some one said perfect's make boring(he mean to human)onething is true no one perfect. each has a different is that one can see and feel what the heart demands. order to meet someone,it is not easy.whit someone if they are suffering for it alone. I read from a discussion christian blog i interest in what he writen.

Beware of These Guys - Part I

Note: Don't forget to follow my journey on my personal blog, So about what I said...They say a good man is hard to find. So, then, naturally, by that logic, a great, wonderful, awesome, (perfect?) man must be impossible to find. But have no fear; there’s an ever-fresh, free-flowing supply of not-so-good guys and a two-for-one deal on downright bad guys. The bad guys are like those products on those late-night infomercials: they’re everywhere, look perfect from the outside and promise to make your life easier, and then two weeks later, you look at the pathetic thing and think, “Geez, talk about false advertising.” If only these sorts of guys could wear some sort of sign like “As seen on TV” or a come with a return policy, then at least we’d have a fighting chance to escape their clutches.

Sex Abroad

Sex Abroad

With ever increasing numbers of foreign workers fleeing poor economic conditions at home to take up jobs in the Middle East and the like which are more secure (and often pay far higher than equivalents back home) it has brought into sharp relief the very different attitudes to relationships and sex.Take the recent case of the woman who has been jailed for two months in Dubai for engaging in "consensual sex." To you or I, that sounds just this side of apeshit, but morality can be a very different thing in other parts of the word.  More famous is the case of the British couple who were jailed for having sex on a beach. To our relaxed Western sensibilities, the worst thing about that is the prospect of getting sand in your nay-nays but (again) in Dubai.

show me love

Am single woman just graduated in UK as an Nurse.Am down to heart woman,that love to live for possible things in life,i love to treat people the way i love to be treated,because i believe what goes round comes around i hate game because i hate to be played.I believe in holy qurian and believe in the prophet of God {S.A.W}.While am God fearing woman.I have tried locally and i dont really satisfy with them,i decided to give in this online a trial maybe chemistry can work out between any of my religion brothers.Please no game

The Modern Feminist

Note: You can always follow my journey in real-time on my blog, So about what I said... Feminism – or at least its definition – seems to be taking quite the beating lately. Feminists must be this. Feminists can’t be that. Feminists must always have their “sexist” radar on high-alert and be ready to recite the Feminist Manifesto at the first signs of trouble, because, after all, they are representing all women, all the time.