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relocated to north jersey

how to deal with a divorce after 10 years been married and being with her for over 15 years with her i have 2 kids ,,,, Im a post opp M2F 2007 my opp was .. im looking for love not one nighter Im bi i perfer a man

The 5 P’s of Relationships

The 5 P’s of Relationships

Lila here~ A few weeks ago, my friend Adam blogged about the 3 P’s of relationships from an Imago Relationship Therapy standpoint. The 3 P’s are: Pick, Provoke and Project. First you pick a partner who reflects the positive and negative traits of your caregivers when you were a child. We call this your imago match. Then you provoke those traits to come forth. At first you provoke the positive traits, but after the honeymoon phase of the relationship is over, you provoke the negative traits to come out. Then you (I say you, but we all do it) project those traits onto your partner, whether they actually have them or not. If you’ve ever thought or said, “you’re just like my father (or mother)” then you know what projection is.

How to Get Him to Propose

How to Get Him to Propose

If you are currently in a relationship waiting for your man to propose, I know how you feel. I was there myself. I thought he was never going to propose, and it was driving me insane. This post is all about how I got him to propose.

How to Handle a Tough Guy


Jersey Shore illustrates what a tough might say to you.

Develop an emergency fund to stay away from costly

Anyone without an emergency fund is likely to have a lot of debt. You can get put into debt with the smallest things. This happens without an emergency fund. A greater disruption could be a total financial disaster. Most individuals are living within the dark. They expect only good things will happen to them. Numerous have no problem with the thought of creating a crisis fund. Really doing this is the hard part. You might try saving nickels and dimes so you have money for tomorrow's disaster. It may not actually be that hard. Creating an emergency fund could possibly be easy. Article source - Create an emergency fund to avoid costly, unnecessary debt by Personal Money Store. All people are in need of an emergency fund

Kandy Halloween Tickets

I was panicking because I hadn’t gotten my Kandy Halloween Tickets yet, and Kandy Halloween tickets sell out fast. I can’t believe Halloween will be here so soon.