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What I Said and What I Regret

Right now, I have about 45 different things I have to do before school starts. I have to practice driving for my driving test next week, clean my room, work on my AP Art homework, paint my basement, go for a run in preparation for the cross country season, write my college essay before I see my tutor tomorrow, work on my CommonApp for college applications... you name it, I probably have to do it. And, I have just 2 weeks to get everything done. Stressed is my first name and Out is my last.Adding to all this, I'm trying to balance my relationship with my boyfriend, friends, and family. I don't have time for it all! I really don't know how to do it. My relationship with my boyfriend is more and more serious... he already told me he wants to be with me forever and we haven't even been going out for 5 months. I love him a lot, but I don't have the time for this commitment right now. Plus, if at just 4 and a half months he has already said he wants to be together forever...

saturday cleaning

Every Saturday my landlady orders me naked in her room and puts her vacuum cleaner on my penis and turns it on. On my knees as shes stands over me she says "Aww you play with it so much I have to clean that poor little thing every week and laughs as I ejaculate inside the tube!

"L'amore di Italia"

"L'amore di Italia"

My novelette is L'amore di Italia. It is a tale about love overcoming distance and background. It is about love overcoming everything, even death.