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ugh why

ugh ok so I don't get it why is it life has to be so complicated I have been seeing this one guy for a while who is in the middle of a divorce from his crazy drunk wife so hes afraid to make anything official between us for my own good (or so he says) what have I gotten myself into? and what do I do?

JUST IN CASE  - the hottest trend

JUST IN CASE - the hottest trend

Check out the latest chic way for women to carry condoms...JUST IN CASE Can we turn "what we KNow" about the risks of unprotected sex into what we "DO"? Yes! now you can be discreet and sassy - and smart. ALWAYS carry protection. C

Hey! My first blog! Yeah!!!

Hi! My name is Selym, and this is my first attempt at writing a blog. Three days ago, I was dumped. I didn't see it coming. I was confused, and hurt. I still don't know why it happened. Everything was going well. We were making plans last week, and bam... dumped. So instead of being depressed, I decided to try to stay positive about the situation. I believe in love, and I believe there's someone for me. Now I have to find that woman. Wisconsin, look out...