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wrong or right?

I have heard of this guy who is 33, with a wife and 3 kids, and he is having sexual relations with a sixteen year old girl. They both like eachother and have a lot of fun together. Do you think that as long as no one finds out, is it wrong or right?

The Death of Romantic Love

I’ve been working on my new book and it’s thrown me back into the time I left my partner in 2007. As I re-read what I’ve written so far, it occurred to me that we had a ridiculously long honeymoon phase in our relationship. For most couples, the honeymoon lasts a few months to a few years. For us it lasted sixteen years.


i need somebodys advice..i am only 18 and i have been with this guy for 5 months and i feel he is the one for me but i really someone else's opinion helppp

The Only Exception

Dear Blog (and readers), September 6th,2010 Yesterday, i found a guy that i deeply care about and he feels the same about me. I've known him all but 4 years of my life. He's my best friend. And he called me Perfect. Something i've never been called before. So if my poetry gets lighter and heavier for no apparent reason, that is my reason. The reason it gets lighter 'cause he makes me feel special. The heavier part is because he lives in Indiana which is 2 hours away. I would drive to see him but im only 12 (going on 13 the 30th). So that would be impossible.At least im going up for the end of the month to see my family for my birthday. Hopefully he's allowed to come. Sincerly,Lilith (Lily)

Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys? (Part II)

Pinkee here~ As promised, this week we’ll be talking about the next step in sex toys, dildos and vibrators. Let’s start with dildos. Dildos are, very bluntly, fake erect penises. They come in many different shapes, sizes,. and colors. If you were to buy one for your woman, what type should you buy?