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Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys? (Part III)

Who Says Big Kids Can’t Play with Toys? (Part III)

Pinkee here~ Talking about sex toys one more time this week. As promised, we are moving on this week to some of the more “advanced” toys. Anal sex is definitely not for beginners. It takes, in order for it to be pleasurable, a lot of lube, and an open mind. And, it also takes a certain preference. Not all partners are going to want to even try anal sex. However, all is not lost. Anal plugs and “butt beads” are other options which fall short of anal sex but can still be lots of fun.

Lucky Lindy

His name was Charles A. Lindbergh---with an H at the end. His wife was Anne Morrow Lindbergh. And he lived across the river from me in Little Falls, Minnesota.

wrong or right?

I have heard of this guy who is 33, with a wife and 3 kids, and he is having sexual relations with a sixteen year old girl. They both like eachother and have a lot of fun together. Do you think that as long as no one finds out, is it wrong or right?

The Death of Romantic Love

I’ve been working on my new book and it’s thrown me back into the time I left my partner in 2007. As I re-read what I’ve written so far, it occurred to me that we had a ridiculously long honeymoon phase in our relationship. For most couples, the honeymoon lasts a few months to a few years. For us it lasted sixteen years.