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Love is NOT supposed to hurt!

As I write this I'm feeling lots of things right now. But grief and anger have to be at the top of the list! Within the next few days a young beautiful mother of 2 small children that just happened to be one of my classmates will be laid to rest. Why? Because her husband decided to strangle her with a telephone cord and leave her to die, then kill himself afterwards. For the last 3 days she has been hooked up to life support, but this morning her family finally made the agonizing decision to let her go. Now myself,my other fellow classmates, and the rest of her family and friends are left asking "why?" and 2 innocent children will grow up without parents. So,I just wanna know,where does it stop? When are women gonna FINALLY draw the line and say "ENOUGH!" How many more lives are gonna be lost at the hands of people who claim to love them and cherish them and then in the blink of an eye turn on them.

The Secret Reality of Fairy-Tales

The Secret Reality of Fairy-Tales

It's about how women can have this fairy tale image in their mind of what could be rather than what is real and right in front of them. That's how we make our mistakes in our relationships we skip right into the happily ever after before we truly know the man who wants our affection and love. It's like we're living in a fantasy world in the clouds and it takes something drastic to send us falling back down to earth's reality face first.

Is Your Partner A Compulsive Liar?  (Part II)

Is Your Partner A Compulsive Liar? (Part II)

So, you’re in a relationship with a compulsive liar. Damn. I hate when that happens. What to do? First of all, I would evaluate how deeply you are in. Is this someone you just started seeing? Or, is this someone you feel strongly committed to, whom you may even have one or more children with?