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Really, your gonna answer the phone now?

I don't think that it is too much to ask of my husband. I mean he is on the phone all day long talking business and I would just like to have a simple family dinner without the phone interrupting! He says Im making him choose between his wife and child and the rest of his life (whatever the phone call may be about) but it's really not like that. I just want some one on one time with my husband and maybe he could talk to me about his day instead of whoever is on the line. I want him to understand where Im coming from, but to him the issue isnt that important. I want it to be as important to him as it is to me. He thinks family time is any giving moment that we may be together. For example, driving in the car or sitting in front of the TV. I think family time (or one on one romantic) should be special and deserves every persons undivided attention. Am I being to selfish? Is it really too much to ask for him to just ignore the phone and make a few -callbacks- later?

Free Online Dating Agency and Its Advantages

Free Online Dating Agency and Its Advantages

You can also use an agency if you wish to have a relationship. This can be a mere friendship, web pals, short term flings, or pen friends. This is a paradise for singles. There are number of online agencies created for online dating.

Free Online Dating Tips And Services

Some online dating sites charge fees for its members, but now you can enjoy these services at no cost through the use of dating services free online. Keep in mind that some of these sites organize group activities for its members who would actually give you the opportunity to meet people in person that you have been communicating with through the Internet.

Do  online daters all love life?

Do online daters all love life?

Why do so many singles online claim to love life? Do they have some secret? For a fun blog and great advice - read on and visit for one of North America's best online dating profile writers, Kate Houston.

She does what it takes fulfill sexual urges

She does what it takes fulfill sexual urges

"I'm in a happy relationship, but I've ben very sexually activve my whole life. This gorgeous guy started working at the restaurant I work at for the summer, and I ahd to have him. After work one shift I gave him a bj, and then he felt guilty because he new I had a boyfriend. Things were chill for a while, but I wanted to blow him again. He said no, but I gave him one anyway and I made him cum all over my face...felt so good. :) I don't regret it. I bite my lip evertime I see him now. My bf has no clue,, but it's all cool becaue I blow him too. Reason: He was gorgeus, I had to have him."by BK Tell BK what you think Follow us on twitter for up to the minute updates

3 Easy Ways to Keep You On Track to a Healthy Diet

Healthy eating can be difficult to follow through on when your mind is wrapped around your last lover. Rather than turning to the old indulgences, try following these tips to help put you on track to a healthier diet and a healthier body.