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When I was a little girl, I dreamed about how I was going to meet the guy of my dreams. Listen up because this one is a doosey. See, I had dreams of being an actress slash singer slash writer slash director slash producer slash president of the screen actor's guild. My husband? He was going to be the star in one of the many many movies I was going to write, direct, produce, and star in. At first, we were going to hate each other, but then we would fall head over heels and marry four months later. All of this was going to happen before the age of 21.

vegetarian woman holding steak grocery store

Can A Meat-Eater Date A Vegetarian?

It wasn't uncommon for my ex and I to fight in supermarket aisles. Grocery shopping, cooking, eating out — it was always potentially fraught with tension. But we didn't argue about the typical dining dilemmas, like where to go eat or who's turn it was to cook dinner. We fought because The Ex was a vegan, macrobiotic foodie who was quite vocal about other people's (and by that, I mean MY) food choices.

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How To Handle A Husband Who's Aging Faster Than You

It happens in so many later-middle-age relationships: The man, a few years older than the woman to begin with, shows signs of aging at a faster pace than the woman does, leaving her frustrated on a number of levels. If this is simply a dating couple, and the woman isn't fully committed to the relationship, she may bolt at this point. If they're a married (or live-together) couple, breaking up for this reason is unlikely but not unheard of. Most women, though opt for less extreme solutions…while others simply sigh in resignation or grouse to their friends. Fortunately there are some answers.

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Could You Go On 10 Dates In One Month?

Here's the challenge: In the month of July, I challenge you to ask and go out on at least 10 dates with 10 different men. Yes, you read that correctly, you (the woman) must initiate and ask 10 men on dates. If you do, I predict, your dating life will change, possibly forever.

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My Marriage Caused Me To Break Up With My Waxist

Recently I've been coping with the aftermath of a breakup—not a separation from my significant other, mind you, but from my waxist. Our split was not for lack of compatibility. She works at an athletic club where my husband and I discontinued our membership for budgetary concerns. I knew I would miss my go-to gal, but I frankly I didn't realize quite how much. And I suspect my husband, ahem, misses her too.

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Whoa, Baby! Men Can Have Pregnancy Anxiety, Too

Of course, I've been loving this pregnancy ... well, I HAD been loving this pregnancy until the last couple of weeks, since I've stopped sleeping and I'm suddenly itchy all over. And we've both really wanted our babies to go the distance and make it to 38 weeks, so they can get as big and strong and healthy as possible. I had sort of thought my husband was on the same page: excited, but also terrified at the thought of impending parenthood. And he is, or, at least, he was. Apparently, all those nerves that he was having early on, he processed and put away awhile ago. Now, he's just ready to get his baby Daddy game on!

Nine Frugal Dating Tips For Cost-Conscious Lovebirds

Nine Frugal Dating Tips For Cost-Conscious Lovebirds

Summer is the season for romance as singles and couples seek magical moments amid the sunny and hot weather. However, creating a magical date can be a nerve-wrecking experience, depending on the dating situation. Thinking about what to wear, wondering if he/she will like you or stressing over what you will talk about is enough to make someone go crazy. With so much to think about, the last thing you need to worry about is your wallet.

Top 10 Qualities George Clooney Looks for In a Woman

Top 10 Qualities George Clooney Looks for In a Woman

Single ladies around the world can now rejoice! George Clooney has officially separated from his latest girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis. The couple has called off their relationship, leaving the dating pool wide open for Clooney, one of Hollywood’s most attractive men. If you’ve got your eye on this “sexiest man alive,” you’re not alone. But do you have what it takes to attract this notorious bachelor? Here are the top 10 qualities he looks for in a woman. See if you measure up!

Lessons to Learn from Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

Lessons to Learn from Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris

As we all know, Hugh Hefner has gone through another breakup. His ex-fiancée, Crystral Harris, dumped Hugh days before their wedding. Hugh had his reaction to the situation, causing everyone to laugh and then sympathize. For a man who started an empire based on beautiful women, it’s hard to believe he still hasn’t found “the one.” In honor of the Hef, here are three lessons we can learn from the now-ended relationship: Don’t Give Up Everything Unless It’s Worth It