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Does Your Hubby Have a 'Work Wife'?

By Paul Hokemeyer, PhD, JD for Dear GalTime... I need help. My husband works really hard for our family, but he has a 'work wife', and I can't get comfortable with it. One of his colleagues is female and they work long hours. He's with her more than me. He doesn't give me reason not to trust him, but I still feel uneasy. Is it just something I need to deal with? How can I feel more secure?  

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Why Women Fall Out Of Love

Constant Criticism: It creeps into a relationship, eventually killing any warm and loving feelings a woman might have for her guy. The constant need to nit-pick and criticize every little thing she is doing "wrong" will usually a.) knock the wind out of her sails until she feels depleted and then b.), she is going to start caring less about putting any effort into the relationship until c.) she realizes she must protect herself and self esteem, and heads for the door. There really is something to be said for, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything."

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The Perfect Remedy For Marriage Malaise

Pamela Haag's description of the discontent in her marriage will elicit nods of understanding among many married couples. She describes hers as a low-conflict, high-functioning yet melancholy marriage. They are efficiently raising children. They are not fighting huge battles, and he's a "great guy," by all counts. But, it still feels like something important is missing. She says the majority of divorces in America each year are among unions like these: low-stress partnerships filled with a vague discontent. It's a semi-happy and stable marriage, but is that all there is?

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Reproductive Rights: Are Childfree Couples Selfish?

Only one reproductive choice is stigmatized: voluntary childlessness. Many protest against this cultural bias, arguing that childfree (preferred over childless) should be a respected choice, says Berkeley clinical psychologist Mardy S. Ireland, Ph.D., author of Reconceiving Women: Separating Motherhood from Female Identity (Guilford, 1993). Motherhood is the defining life experience for many women, but it's not for everyone. Being female doesn't mean your instincts, talents and needs destine you for maternity.

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Is Your Sex Drive Hurting Your Love Life?

You're walking down the street and you see a gorgeous man smile at you. His once-over gives you a little thrill and you imagine what a first date might be like with him. But wait! You're in a committed relationship with a man that you adore. There will be no first date for you.

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How To Have A Successful Blind Date

A Marine is about to get the date of his lifetime. In a YouTube video, Sgt. Scott Moore invited Mila Kunis to attend the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, North Carolina, on November 18 with him. After some prodding from Kunis' Friends With Benefits co-star Justin Timberlake, the Black Swan beauty agreed. While the event is still a few months away, we thought we'd share five tips to help make a blind date go a little more smoothly — whether you're in the public spotlight or not!

Is It Okay to "Fake It"?

Is It Okay to "Fake It"?

Here's a scene from Seinfeld, the '90s' hilarious take on everyday minutae: Jerry: "You faked it?" Elaine: "I faked it." Jerry: "That whole thing, the whole production, it was all an act?" Elaine: "Not bad, huh?" Jerry: "What about the breathing, the panting, the moaning, the screaming?" Elaine: "Fake, fake, fake, fake."

Patti Stanger Says Not to Wait Longer than a Year, It's been 3

Patti Stanger Says Not to Wait Longer than a Year, It's been 3

My mother says it's unbecoming to talk about wanting to get married. It's the man's job, leave it to him. He will decide when he is ready. My father says children are overrated. "That was harsh," he backtracks, but too late - my already unsteady and wavering mind is flickering with signs of my future child feeling the same way he just made me feel. The fear and the anxiety is too much - how could I ever want to do that to someone? After all, I am his daughter.

Healthy, Glowing Skin and Your Confidence

Healthy, Glowing Skin and Your Confidence

Something for which we all strive yet so few achieve and even fewer keep: a good skin care regimen. Oh yes, there are times we look in the mirror and think "Wow! Not a blemish!" or "Eek, not now!" The second, of course, always happens before a big event or special intimate dinner, whereas the first may come on any given day, giving us a reason to smile and a more confident bounce in our step.