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10 Sexiest Celeb Beach Bodies

Knowing you look sexy when wearing a bikini in the warm spring and summer months is the best feeling in the world. C'mon you know it, girls – that's why we spend our time on Pinterest pinning new workouts or flipping through magazines for celebrity inspiration. No man can resist the allure of a confident woman, and you're going to be one on the beach this summer!

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3 Things Your Unemployed Husband Won't Tell You

If you're a working woman with an unemployed husband, you are not alone. According to new research on modern fatherhood conducted by the University of East Anglia, fewer men are taking up the role of breadwinner. And while your guy is the one that has to make his re-entry into the workplace happen, there are a few things that you can do to help him get back in the saddle.

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7 Children's Characters Arrested For Crimes Of Passion

If the Information Age has taught us anything, it's that everyone has a skeleton in his closet. Just because a gentleman or lady entertains children does not qualify them as role models, mamas. Recently, Peter Robbins, the voice of Charlie Brown, plead guilty to stalking his ex and her plastic surgeon. It got us thinking: what other kid's characters have been convicted of bizarre crimes? Turns out, a lot.

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The Post-Breakup Workout: 10 Exercises To Get Over An Ex

Breaking up with someone is always hard, even when you know that the person is wrong for you. What can be even harder though, is getting over them. Eighty-five percent of readers in YourTango survey said they struggle with breakups and could use a "breakover" — aka an internal and external makeover aimed at helping them move on. One of the best methods to a successful "breakover" is through exercise — in fact, survey respondents listed exercise as one of the top three methods for getting over a breakup.

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Stop Falling For The 4 Dating 'Rules' That Are Total LIES

Are you totally baffled as to why you only seem to attract men who are far from ideal for you? Are you tired of ending up with men who aren't ready for the same type of relationship you want? Before you give up on the possibility of ever meeting a guy who truly measures up, you may want to take a look at how the following so-called "dating rules" may be adversely hurting your chances of finding The One.

Ways To Look Your Best On The First Date

Ways To Look Your Best On The First Date

It's a common problem, as we all want to make an excellent impression on a first date. Try these tried and true techniques to get you looking your best without all the added stress. Prep Start by giving yourself plenty of time to prepare-- feeling rushed is no way to make a good first impression. At the start of the day, begin thinking about what you want to wear and how you want to style your hair. This gives you time to make sure your clothes are clean or without tears and allows you to check to make sure you have the beauty supplies on hand you'll need.

5 Strange But True Crime Sprees

5 Strange But True Crime Sprees

Idiots walk among us. You've probably suspected this for quite some time. They slow down when merging onto the freeway, leave their dogs in hot cars, and mow their lawns while everyone else is trying to sleep. And, every once in awhile, they turn to a life of crime. And a bungled mess of absurd hilarity ensues. 1. When Idiots Play with Markers

Three Online Dating Trends of 2014

Three Online Dating Trends of 2014

Increasing in popularity, free online dating is not new. This way of meeting people has been around for several years now. As long as there has been an Internet there have been people using it to try to hook-up with other people. What is new is the way it seems to change daily. Here are three of the latest trends that you can expect to see during 2014.

In a Dating Slump? Five Ways to Regain Your Confidence

In a Dating Slump? Five Ways to Regain Your Confidence

Making a true connection with someone can start to seem like an impossible chore in the midst of the often-chaotic dating scene. Most people will find themselves in a dating slump at some point. The best thing to do, in these times, is take a break to focus on regaining your confidence and enjoying the single life. A Career Change