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new year's resolutions

40 Resolutions That Will Make 2015 A Heck Of A Lot Easier On You

With 2015 right around the corner, it’s a great time to look at the year we’ve had and make a few tweaks in preparation for the one ahead. While we all have our own personal goals (mark my words that this will be the year I obtain the Madonna “Blonde Ambition” body I have been coveting since, well, The Blonde Ambition Tour) there are some resolutions that have this wonderful, one-size-fits-all appeal. Read below for 35 a la carte resolutions guaranteed to help make 2015 the best year yet. Pick and choose a few, or, if you’re ready for a total life change, commit to all of them!

What It's Like To Marry An Atheist When You Believe In God

What It's Like To Marry An Atheist When You Believe In God

When I was a kid, my mother and I joined a very large “non-denominational” Christian Church, one of the earliest versions of the Mega Churches that exist today. It was a very happy place. I was in the children’s choir, the community was lovely, and we sang from a song book with drawings of long-haired hippies.

scary santa
"Is that beard real!?"

Scary St. Nick! 8 Kids' Priceless Reactions To Santa

Big kids know that Santa's a good guy — he spreads cheer, brings presents, and loves milk and cookies. But the bearded man dressed in red and white starts out a stranger. No wonder some little boys and girls are nervous, if not downright frightened, the first time they meet Santa Claus. Ho-ho-hold on a minute. Who is this guy?

holiday decor

10 Holiday Décor Tips For People Who Suck At Holidays

Even if you're not Martha Stewart, there are ways to make sure the only F-words muttered this holiday season are "Fa la la" and "fruitcake" and that the "D" in "DIY" doesn't stand for "divorce" or "destruction." So put on your ugly sweater and pour yourself a cup of alcoholic pancake batter (also known as eggnog) and let's begin!

5 Tips to Teach Your Children an Attitude of Gratitude

5 Tips to Teach Your Children an Attitude of Gratitude

Heading into Thanksgiving and black Friday, many parents wonder how they can teach their children to focus less on material things and be more thankful. It’s not surprising that kids are overall less thankful than they used to be, in fact, recent study just proved it. A study done in 2013 by the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin tracked materialism in 355,000 high school seniors from 1976 to 2007 and found that the desire for lots of money has increased markedly since the mid-1970s, while willingness to work hard to earn it decreased.


A Slave To Control: A Look Inside My Agonizing Battle With OCD

One. The percent of adults in the United States diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented mental health challenges out there. And while I found it hard to articulate my depression, I find it even harder to talk about this. Why? Because OCD is so misunderstood. Just like depression isn't "being sad," OCD isn't a synonym for anal-retentive or quirky.

If Your Man Doesn't Have These 4 Traits, Don't Marry Him

If Your Man Doesn't Have These 4 Traits, Don't Marry Him

By now, (I hope) you know that if a man freaks out on the waiter, he's likely going to do the same to you, and those lads who hate all of their exes? Well, let's just say they're likely not getting accolades on the other side, either. But what about those red flags that look a softer shade of pink behind those rose-colored glasses? You know, the ones that leave you wondering if it's workable or time to walk? If you're tired of collecting frequent flyer miles to the purgatory between stay and go, you're in luck. Read on for 5 non-negotiables I've learned to hold on tightly to.