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Can A Virgin Ever Find Love?

The best thing I can say is this: those who pressure you for something you clearly don't want to do are not acting out of affection for you. Negative influences like those needed to be confronted and told to chill the f**k out and let them worry about their own sex lives instead of yours.

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Young Adults Prefer Compliments To Sex

People might associate college life with pizza and promiscuity, but according to a paper published in the Journal of Personality, students would rather receive an ego boost (from compliments and good grades) than have sex. Incidentally, ego boosts also trump favorite foods, which actually makes sense considering how closely hunger and sexual compulsions are compared.

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5 Tips For Men From The Duke Sex List

Much has already been said about Duke graduate Karen Owen's senior sex "thesis," a 43-page masterpiece rating her 13 athlete conquests while attending the university. Owen rates each guy on a scale from 1-10, using genital size, overall bedroom skill, situation, personality, along with before and after bedside manners as factors. Here are five gleaned for guys.

How to Bounce Back In College

How to Bounce Back In College

Picture yourself in college, and single - or even worse, just having had your heart broken. Being single in college and trying to bounce back from a heartbreak can be a frustrating and devastating time for any individual. If you're in college and have recently gone through a bad breakup, here are some ways to kick heartbreak to the side.

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How To Survive College While Married With Children

About five years ago, just after enrolling in graduate school, I read that—for married women—attending graduate school is sometimes the fast road to divorce. Yikes. More than two years after finishing my degree, my husband and I are still together—it's been 22 years now—and the D word was only uttered once, in the pitch of (a stupid) battle.

Love And The Classroom

Love And The Classroom

Lyz On Love is a weekly round-up of internet news about love and relationships and all those other indoor sports. This week on Lyz On Love, I am talking about love and the classroom. In the video, I confess to dating a classmate, who turned out to just be using me to make his ex girlfriend jealous. Sadly, she never became jealous. Was it my sweet 90s suspenders or stylish newsboy caps? We will never know. But what was left out of the video, was that I ended up using him to drive around in his convertible and egg people's houses. (I sure hope there is a statute of limitations on those confessions). So, in the end, that relationship worked out for me. I also dated another classmate, this time in college. He just played the guitar and World of Warcraft. A. Lot. But he did make me some sweet mix CDs. I think it lasted a month. There is only so much you can do in a relationship that is based on video games and Ben Harper covers.

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Are College Students Failing At Love?

According to The New York Times, women are totally outnumbering men on campus. The stats say that female enrollment is up to about 57 percent at most major universities (except the Ivys, where men still outnumber women) since the 2000s. So what does that mean for collegiate dating life? It means it's in crisis.

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Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together

According to the University At Buffalo's website, Dr. Gregory Homish has been studying the behavior and satisfaction of couples for a decade. He has come to the conclusion that couples with similar vices (alcohol and cigarettes in this case) and levels of engagement in said vices are likely to be more content with their relationship.

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History Students Get Laid Most Often

A new British study by the Oxford University student newspaper Cherwell says those who study history get the most action, with politics, English literature, philosophy and economic students also doing very well in the bedroom as well. Granted the survey was only out of 850 students, so you can hardly scratch your head at all the business and art majors at your university who seemed to enjoy a revolving door of partners. In fact, the study offers no reason why those majors seem to be sex magnets while others lag behind. But we're guessing liberal arts degree-seekers may just be more convivial than say a computer science or math major? However, the same study also revealed that British students who got laid more than once a month were less likely to do well in school.

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5 Benefits To Being A Late Bloomer

The overnight British singing sensation Susan Boyle has given a whole new spin on the term late bloomer. After admitting to never having been kissed, as a 47-year-old woman, the folks over at Smitten asked their readers how many of them were late-bloomers. A late bloomer does not have to mean you are a 40-year old virgin or have never been kissed at age 47. It might mean that you had your first kiss a few years later than your friends seemed to, that your first relationship wasn't until after college, or that you just didn't really grow into your looks until a later age.