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Living With Your Boyfriend Is A Crime In Florida

Looking for a place to live with your boyfriend in Florida? There's a cozy one-room studio behind bars waiting for you. A state law that dates back to the 1800's condemns opposite-sex unmarried couples living under the same roof.

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Living With Your New Boyfriend May Be Bad For Your Kids

Divorce rates are finally dropping, but that doesn't mean people are forging stronger family units. With fewer people getting married these days, the number of kids living in households with two unmarried parents is on the rise. And, according to new research released today by the National Marriage Project and the Institute for American Values, that may be as bad for kids as dealing with a parent's divorce.

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Young Couples Today Prefer "Stayovers" To Cohabitation

A new study suggest that "adult sleepovers" without cohabitation are on the rise. According to the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, an increasing number of coupled twenty-somethings have struck the perfect balance between casual dating and cohabitation. The "stayover trend" involves spending three to seven nights per week together while maintaining separate homes

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Does Living Together Before Marriage Increase Divorce Chances?

Many women know the feeling—that feeling of drifting off into a daydream wonderland of engagement rings, wedding dresses, honeymooning and the oh-so-mystical idea of happily ever after. It's a feeling that can bring on the warm fuzzies faster than a tanning bed but can also spark the overwhelming urge to vomit from sheer terror. However, with the number of couples living together before marriage hovering a few percentage points below 50, some women may be opting for a trial period before heading into the unknown territory of lifelong commitment.

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Divorce Is Leveling Off, Except For Older Black Women

According to the most recent stats, of all women who've ever tied the knot, the number of divorcées reached as high as 41 percent among the age-50-to-59 set. Black women reported the largest amount of splits in the group, with 48 percent claiming they'd divorced at least once in their lifetimes. On the other hand, Asian and Hispanic women know how to make it work, as only 30 percent or less have ever called it quits for good. Interesting, eh?

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5 Tips For Moving In Together

The idea of wrapping your dishes in newspaper and watching your living room drown in a sea of bubble wrap has never been more exciting. You and your man finally took the plunge, signed on the dotted line, and picked up two sets of keys. After ages of trying to squeeze your entire wardrobe into one tiny drawer at his pad, the time has come to merge your most prized possessions into a new place. While it's doubtful your grandmother's china will coordinate with his college beer mug collection, here are five tips to get through the adjustment period and make it "home sweet home".

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Does Being In Love Make You Fat?

New research shows that within a few years of getting married, individuals are twice as likely to become obese than their unmarried counterparts. The study was published in the July issue of Obesity, where the authors tried to determine how romantic relationships affected weight gain. They studied 6,949 people for several years and found that married people are more likely to become obese than those who are just dating, and that young people who cohabitate with their partners also tend to gain weight.

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Links We Love: America Thinks Marriage Is Passe

Each week, Traditional Love rounds up the best (and worst) marriage news from the week. And this week, has plenty of both. Not only are we all in a tizzy over the next royal wedding, but apparently, all this fuss over the dress is just fluff (of the tulle variety). According to a Pew Research poll, 40% of Americans think marriage is obsolete. So, why do we care so much about Kate and Will's fairytale romance?

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My Days As A Stripper Still Haunt Me

The person you date doesn't necessarily have a right to know every little thing about your past, including a three-week stint as a pole dancer at a strip club. Furthermore, there's no need to be sharing something like that about yourself with every guy you go out with.

The Real Reason Couples Aren't Getting Married
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The Real Reason Couples Aren't Getting Married

Too cash-strapped to get married? You're certainly not alone. According to the Census Bureau, the population of never-marrieds exceeded the number of married folk for the first time in a century. These days, many couples aren't necessarily choosing to forgo the wedding and marriage vows because they consider the whole convention obsolete or unnecessary—they just don't have the funds to get hitched.


Unmarried NY Couples Can Now Adopt

New York Governor David Paterson signed into bill a law that will allow unmarried couples to adopt a kid together. Clearly, the law is intended to hook gay couples up with the ability to get babies, but cohabiting couples could also benefit.

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Tips That Make Living Together Easy

Whether you're getting hitched or embracing the modern tradition of premarital cohabitation, moving in with your significant other is a big deal. From fighting for the covers every night to waking up with the person you love each morning, this new chapter in your life may be rife with happy moments and potential conflicts. While there’s no foolproof plan for avoiding relationship complications after you move in together, following these tips will help make the transition that much easier.

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Judge Orders Couple To Erect "Divorce Wall"

A real Shecky Green of a judge in Williamsburg, NY (that's hipsterville, USA) has told a splitting couple to put up a "divorce wall" in their Victorian home, as the husband refuses to move out. The couple, Pinchs and Nechama Gold, are Orthodox Jews who have been together for 21 years. Things, however, just aren't working. Unfortunately, New York is the last of the lower 48 states to still forbid no-fault divorces, so the couple has been forced to find a way to blame each other for the separation they both so desperately desire.

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Can Cohabitation Be Too Close For Comfort?

Over the weekend, my husband and I moved from our cramped, rundown, one-bedroom apartment near crowded Times Square in Manhattan, to a spacious, gut-rehabbed, state-of-the-art two-bedroom brownstone on a quiet, tree-lined street in Brooklyn. It was a long time coming, and in the weeks leading up to the move—the very first move Drew and I have ever made together—I wondered if we'd even make it to our first wedding anniversary next month. Few things in life challenge a relationship quite like moving does, but I'm happy to report we survived the hurdle.