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Why Your Relationship Needs A Coach

A dating coach acts in the way any other coach would such as helping you to strategize, stay motivated, and if need be, overcome challenges. Relationships are hard work and if the Google CEO uses a coach, all relationships could probably benefit from them, too. ProConnect can help you find one for your relationship.

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YourTango Boosts Business For Love Professionals

Well, we've finally done it. YourTango, your primary source of quality love and relationship content, has just launched ProConnect, a unique marketing platform for relationship experts. From dating coaches to marriage counselors, ProConnect helps its members grow their businesses and personal brand through a host of integrated tools and services.

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Possibilities Coaching offers pre-marital, marital, couples and singles coaching. Many people have had plenty of therapy, but can't get their lives or relationship off the ground. Coaching is the next step after therapy. It gives you the tools and support you need to help grow and reach your goals. "I learned to fly, but I had to want to reach the ground.....on my way here." Clay Aiken's title song on the "ON MY WHERE HERE" CD release. I think this describes beautifully how we as people what to fly in our own lives and can't take the first step. You have to want that life you've designed and you have to want to leave the ground to get it.

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Breaking The Big, Bad Taboo Of IVF

Because of a recent spate of high-profile multiple-birth cases people are not afraid to ask about it. Back in the day no one would ask how you got pregnant ('uh, sex?'), but now it appears to be a game question. A Phoenix based columnist named Laura Brown asks some interesting questions and brings up some good points in the ask-and-tell world of making babies.