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The Profound Power & Pleasure of Female Orgasm

The Profound Power & Pleasure of Female Orgasm

Fueled by pure primal instinct, our sex drive is a compelling physiological desire for copulation. Unlike most female mammals, women can enjoy immense pleasure from sexual activity. Of course a partner is not necessarily needed to achieve sexual satisfaction and orgasm, however it is always more fun to share erotic experiences with someone you care deeply for. Whether you enjoy solo play in stimulating yourself, or you have assistance from an adoring lover, orgasm can be profoundly powerful and extremely gratifying to a woman.

Fake It, Moi?
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Fake It, Moi?

A woman’s orgasm is her responsibility, so she can’t blame it entirely on her lover. If a woman fakes an orgasm, she’s missing out on the pleasure of the real thing, and trust can’t possibly develop if she’s not being honest.

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Do You Have Hollywood Sex?

Sometimes sex feel like it does in the movies: hot, coordinated and culminating in simultaneous, mind-blowing orgasms. Other times, it's not quite so pretty. The up-against-the-wall sex scene between Kelly Preston and Tom Cruise's characters in Jerry Maguire comes to mind. In real life, his arm muscles might get tired from holding her up, or she might not be able to climax with her legs wrapped around him so tightly, right?

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Rabbi's Rx For Sexless Marriage

In this excerpt, Boteach tells one couple how using Tantra can help them live in a heightened state. By focusing on the moment without expectation of the end result, sexual passion can be coaxed alive (and sustained!) in a couple. Not your average rabbinical advice, but we'll take Boteach's word for it. He and his wife, Debbie, do have nine children, after all.

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How To Tell If He's Faking An Orgasm

In our piece, The Myth Of The Male Orgasm, we wrote about men who have trouble reaching coming—it's not as uncommon as you think. In fact, an AskMen survey found that 23% of guys have faked an orgasm at some point. Women fake it for various reasons; a common excuse is not wanting to hurt his feelings. AskMen says that guys do it for the same reason. "The prevailing opinion is that men should be able to climax whenever, wherever and under any circumstance," which simply isn't true. Your dude might have trouble coming if he's tired, stressed or drunk, or if he's already climaxed that day. And if that's the situation, he might fake it. Ladies, here are some signs that he might be pretending.

Poll: How Do You Achieve Orgasm During Sex?

Poll: How Do You Achieve Orgasm During Sex?: Intercourse alone does it for me. Using a vibrator or other sex toys. A little help from my hands. A little help from his hands. I don't usually orgasm during sex.