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4 Reasons Why Going to Church is Good for You
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4 Reasons Why Going to Church is Good for You

As a Christian relationship coach, the foundation of my work is based on faith. Without proper structure, you cannot know what to expect in love. Relationship challenges are not so much in the details of who-did-or-didn’t-do-what-to-whom, but spiritual battles of the mind and heart. Without a community of support, it is very easy to miss what is really going on with you and your significant other.

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Do you have enough couple friends in your life? Make them young.
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One Person Doesn't Really "Complete You" Or Your Marriage

If I could offer any advice to young couples today it would be to find friends like we are blessed to have. Find friends who share or honor your faith. Find friends who are committed to their marriages and families. Find friends who are brave enough to keep you accountable. Find friends who accept you, believe in you, and build you up. Find friends who want to have fun.

What do you do when it feels like your prayers are going unanswered? Pray again.
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Couple Challenge: How Do You Go About Finding A New Church?

Finding a church can be a time-consuming and stressful experience. It takes a great amount of patience. On average, you can only visit one, or maybe two churches a week, so the search to find a church can drag out over the course of weeks or several months. Longer, even. Years. So, how do you deal as a couple?

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Dating someone from your church can be great, if you navigate tricky waters correctly.
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Why Won't Christian Men Date Women From Their Church? Part II

Last month I wrote an article about Christian dating from a man's perspective. I interviewed several single guys in Los Angeles and New York, ranging in age from 28 to 40. I asked how they felt about dating within their church community and their answers were rather surprising. Most had tried it, yet were left feeling disillusioned in the process. As a result, they had chosen to search for love some place else. Over the past month, I've received hundreds of comments from readers who related to the article and had insightful perspectives to add to the conversation. It became clear that there was more to say on this topic. Much more.

Many Christian women would love to meet Mr. Right at church. Why aren't the men on board?
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Why Won't Christian Men Date Women Who Go To Their Church?

Think you're going to find The One at your home church, Christian ladies? Think again. "I've only gone out with a couple of girls at church, and I won't do it anymore," says Luke*, a 40-year-old Christian man living in Southern California. "At this point, I'm happily resigned to not ask a girl out at church ever again."

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Some New Catholic Priests Allowed To Have Sex—Here's Why

A number of Episcopalians have been unhappy with the denomination's recent liberal changes, things like a shift toward pro-choice views and acceptance of gay marriage, even ordaining openly homosexual bishops. In response, the Catholic Church is opening up a nationwide diocese to ex-Episcopalians who would like to join Catholicism as a group; a priest and congregation, so church leaders and members who are already comfortable with one another will have a chance to stick together. They will be expected to abide by the Catholic Church's governance, support their conservative views and acknowledge the pope. But since priests in the Episcopal Church have never had to practice celibacy, and many are already married with children, the Catholic Church is granting an exemption to their long-practiced celibacy code... but is it fair? And should it even be allowed in the faith?

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Community Spotlight: You're Showing Too Much Skin

Do you consider you underwear choice when and if you go to church? This week YourTango users were especially fired up over a Traditional Love post asking if men are to blame for having "impure" thoughts or should women—particularly scantily clad women—take some responsibility? The latter thought is what leads to dress codes in institutions and even across cultures. As you might have guessed, men and women had different opinions. YourTango user btoenges related:

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The Church Convinced Me Not To Have Sex

In any other sense of the word, I wouldn't tolerate using someone or being used. I won't date someone for his social status, befriend someone for the simple goal of getting ahead professionally, and I most certainly wouldn't sleep with an older man in exchange for being taken care of. But here I was sleeping with people because they were there, because my body had an urge, one that I clearly didn't feel the need to examine.

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11 Reasons To Date A Church-Going Guy

When it comes to niceness, church-going guys might be the new boy next door. Chances are, if you overlook the negative media image and peek into the next Sunday morning service, you'll find someone who encompasses the following qualities: He uses clean language, he's consistent, he's not promiscuous. Sold yet? Read on for more.

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Miami Priest Marries Girlfriend

After the television cameras faded to black and the limelight went dim, Cutie and his lover quietly crept off to the alter to tie the knot and make their union official. On Tuesday, the displaced priest (who because he has not been formally removed by the Vatican is still technically a Catholic priest) married his long-time girlfriend of two years, Ruhama Canellis, reports the Associated Press.

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Polish Monk Pens Sex Book

Knotz recently wrote Sex As You Don't Know It: For Married Couples Who Love God. Nevermind that Knotz doesn't, you know, technically score—he thinks that's a moot point. Afterall, he says sex is always between you, your husband/wife AND God—and Knotz knows an awful lot about the third person in the bedroom. He runs a website called A Chance To Meet, where he answers sex questions from couples who are grappling with figuring out how to screw in a holy manner. Which, we guess sometimes boils down to sexual positions for married couples.