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6 Celeb Rebounds We'll Pass On

The Jude Law pregnancy zinger topped off one heck of a week in Celebrity Love drama. The highlights are here, and the letdowns are low. Even if these stars came knocking with an extra ticket to St. Tropez or spots for us on their reality shows, we'd probably be busy washing our hair. Jude Law Honestly Jude? Thanks to him there's a 24-year-old aspiring model named Samantha Burke from Pensacola who's registered at Babies "R" Us all by herself. The worst part is not even what we heard about him refusing to use protection: it's the fact that this week, he broke the news to his three kids in what was reportedly an emotional reunion.

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The Links: Big Girls Need Love & Google Goggles

Complex loves some big girls. Em & Lo coin the term "google goggles." Some professions cheat more than others. Jill and Kevin (from the "Forever" wedding dance vid) want to help victims of domestic abuse. How to trick a woman into marrying you. A romantic proposal over the telephone? How to set-up Rich Santos on a date. How to put together a post-divorce sleepover and not freak out your family. The case for platonic, male friends. Signs you're dating a loser. And why gold diggers may be a sign of a rebounding economy.

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Are Apologies Enough After Domestic Abuse?

After being accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and world famous pop star Rihanna, Chris Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault charges. While the assault occurred back in February, not much was heard from Brown, apparently on the request of his lawyers, until now. Hollywood Life reported that the R&B singer issued a video apology where he accepted responsibility, expressed remorse and promised to take steps to ensure he does not repeat his abuse. Read: The Real Reason For Chris Brown's Apology It can be argued whether Brown's apology was sincere or whether it was just a ploy to win back fans, but the bigger question remains as to just how far does an apology go in a domestic violence situation. Rihanna had the means and capability of leaving Brown after he assaulted her, but many women who suffer from domestic abuse do not have the same power.

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Single Rihanna And Breasts Sparkled In Vegas

Bedazzled-out in patriotic pasties and gorgeous drop earrings, Rihanna took center stage this Fourth of July weekend while celebrating with Jay-Z and Jamie Foxx at Tao Restaurant in Las Vegas. If looking good is truly the best revenge, then Rihanna clearly scored a knockout here.

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Rihanna Wants To Remain Friends With Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown want the restraining order lifted so they can work on their friendship. The two already broke the order when they spoke on the phone after the court proceedings. A source told "The Daily News" that while the music stars have no intentions of getting back together romantically, they do want to improve their friendship. However, Rihanna's father, Ronald Fenty, thought that the sentence Brown received wasn't heavy enough.

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Chris Brown Guilty, Receives Community Service

Chris Brown pleaded guilty to felony assault charges on Monday in his criminal court case following allegations of hitting, choking and biting then-girlfriend Rihanna on February 8, 2009. The plea will subject Brown to five years' probation, regular domestic violence counseling, and six months of community service in his home state of Virginia. The judge also imposed a stay-away order between Brown and Rihanna, which Rihanna had not requested. The order maintains that the pair must remain a minimum of 50 yards apart from each other, or 10 yards at industry events.