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Do more rich people engage in sex outside the confines of their marriage?
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Cheating Behavior: Does Where You Live Matter?

New research indicates that one of the richest towns in Britain has the highest number of people engaging in extramarital affairs. Is there a correlation between cheating, where you live and money?

couple divorce
See the three factors that really ruin a marriage.
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When Does Cheating Lead To Divorce?

Only 10 percent of marriages that have experienced infidelity end in divorce. So, what are the real reasons behind it when it DOES happen? Divorce coach and YourTango expert Laura Moilla explains.

Tori Spelling Dean McDermott
Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott don't realize just how priceless privacy really is.
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Tori Spelling To Sacrifice Her Dignity & Her Marriage For A Buck

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott are dealing with their marital problems the only way they know how: with a reality show. The fame and money hungry couple, who've been married for seven years, will chronicle McDermott's cheating scandal on yet another show -- their third together -- called True Tori, which is filming now and premiering on Tuesday, April 22, on Lifetime. If you're thinking this sounds like an April Fool's joke: We wish.

Marriage Therapist: My Husband Gave Me Herpes. Now What? [VIDEO]
It's also important that you listen to his side of the story.

My Husband Gave Me An STD. What Should I Do Now?

Marriage therapist Theresa Maples discusses the stressful situation of learning your husband cheated on you and gave you an STD. Watch the video to learn how you can handle the situation and what you should do before you confront your husband.

Love: Kelly Clarkson's Husband Responds To Cheating Rumors
Kelly's spokesperson declined to comment.
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Kelly Clarkson's Husband Finally Responds To Cheating Rumors

Newlyweds Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's ears must be burning—because a lot of people are talking about their marriage right now. Two anonymous women reportedly confided separately to that they're having affairs with the pop star's new husband—and one of them even says she's pregnant! Twitter has been abuzz with speculation, however some of Kelly's most loyal followers have her husband's back. "It's sad how low life's [sic] make up rumors about @BBlackstock," tweeted one fan.

Relationship Expert: How To Avoid An Affair
Who are you really cheating?
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Having An Affair Pays... Or Does It?

Having an affair is easier than ever — literally and metaphorically. Relationship coach Jen Duchene visits to see what the affair-promoting site is all about... and how you can better show up to your own relationship.

Infidelity: 9 Must-Knows to Prevent Cheating In Your Relationship
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Infidelity: 9 Must-Knows to Prevent Cheating In Your Relationship

Even the briefest infidelity can inflict major damage to you, your loved one and also your relationship. Healing is often possible, especially with the help of couples therapy, but prevention is far preferable. Yet many couples are reluctant to talk about infidelity for fear that even mentioning the term might invite this dreaded phenomenon into your world  In fact however, talking together about the following nine  infidelity risk factors can significantly bolster your immunity.

Confessions of Cheating Husbands
Can these men right their wrongs?

Confessions Of Cheating Husbands

Infidelity seems to be a rampant problem for couples. With stories from real-life cheaters, our dating expert explores the phenomenon of dudes who can't commit. Is cheating more prevalent today that before, or are we merely more aware of its happening due to media saturation?