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8 Reasons To Hate The Bachelorette

There's no doubt that ABC's The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are addictive, soapy fun. The formula works: Each week the star further narrows a group of potential love interests, interacting with them in various contexts, from traditional dates to overnight stays in the "fantasy suite." At least, it works as a TV show; its track record for producing successful relationships is dismal.

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Hugh Hefner Would Rather Be Deaf Than Give Up Viagra

Many 85-year-olds lose their hearing because they're freaking old and it's just what happens. Hugh Hefner claims that he may be deaf in one ear, but it's not because he's an old fart. It's because he takes a lot of Viagra, which has a side effect, apparently, of hearing loss. Ain't no thing to him though, Hef says he'd rather be deaf than give up his little blue pills. Sounds like Hef has his priorities in order.

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Anthony Weiner Checks Into Sex Rehab

Representative Anthony Weiner has taken a leave of absence to go into treatment. It would be reasonable to presume it is for sex addiction. Sex addiction is not really about sex. It's about obsessive behavior. It's about doing something over and over, even though it presents a risk to your job and family stability. It's like a tic you can't control. You know the action doesn't serve your goals or fit into your values, and that it provides only a brief jolt of serotonin, adrenaline, and dopamine. That, in turn, is often followed by shame. But you keep doing it, like a ritual that relieves stress and decreases pain even while it is causing stress and pain.