Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen
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10 Famous Celebrity Threesomes

Once you've had sex with a hot apple pie, a threesome with a prostitute doesn't sound quite so kinky. But this week, Jason Biggs's wife, actress Jenny Mollen, revealed that she hired a "whore" as a birthday present for her husband.

Amy Winehouse blake fielder-civil
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Love Hurts: Amy Winehouse's Destructive Relationship With Blake

When police announced that the multiplatinum-selling retro-soul superstar Amy Winehouse had been found dead in her London apartment Saturday, word rippled across the pop-music universe with the speed of an all-points bulletin. Fans mourned with their wallets, sending Winehouse's breakthrough 2006 album, Back to Black, to the top of the iTunes chart. And the person who will be most deeply affected by her death—Blake Fielder-Civil, Winehouse's ex-husband and the great love of her life—broke down in tears, collapsed, and was placed on suicide watch behind prison walls.

jay cutler kristin cavallari

Celebrity Couples Who Have Called Off Their Weddings [GALLERY]

Don't throw the rice just yet! Looks like wedding bells won't be ringing after all for Kristin Cavallari and Jay Butler and Kat Von D and Jesse James. The two couples announced the end of their engagements within the past two days leaving celeb-watchers either scratching or nodding their heads in agreement or disappointment.

kim kardashian kourtney kris khloe bachelorette party
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Details Of Kim Kardashian's Wild Vegas Bachelorette Party

This weekend, Kim Kardashian and her fiancé Kris Humphries both celebrated their bachelorette/bachelor parties in Las Vegas. And in typical sister behavior, Khloe Kardashian made it her mission to embarrass the eldest sibling the entire night at Tao, whether that meant hiring a miniature male stripper or ordering straws and cakes shaped like penises.

cynthia nixon
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Cynthia Nixon To Tie The Knot

Sunday saw hundreds of gay couples getting married in New York's city hall. It was the day the new law legalizing gay marriage went into effect and state officials had big plans to marry all 823 couples, both gay and straight, who applied for licenses that day. There were cheers all around the state, and among the elated couples were Cynthia Nixon, of Sex And The City fame, and her longtime girlfriend, Christine Marinon.

demi lovato
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Would You Let Your 18-Year-Old Daughter Date A 36-Year-Old Man?

Gross. Gross, gross, gross. Rumors are swirling that Ryan Phillippe and Demi Lovato have been secretly dating now for a few months. Ryan, 36, is twice Demi's age—quick math—aaaaand she's 18. Perez Hilton and E! News say that things have gotten pretty hot and heavy between the two recently, but that the relationship kind of started cooling down after Ryan's ex-girlfriend gave birth to his baby girl, Kai. Nothing like a little baby-mama drama to hopefully scare an 18-year-old girl into being a single teen again.

Derek Jeter
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Why I'm In Love With Derek Jeter

I'm a huge Yankees fan. It's a fact. An inarguable one, actually. I mean, what 12-year-old girl gets Yankee tickets for her birthday? (If you couldn't figure that one out, it would be me.) My most recent superfluous expenditure was my 100-dollars-a-pop July 9th tickets. Nevermind that my (BRAND-SPANKIN'-NEW) car broke down en-route to the game, I got to attend one of the greatest days of Derek Jeter’s career. Congrats on 3,000 Captain, and here's five reasons everyone should love Derek Jeter.

friends with benefits no strings attached
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'No Strings Attached' And 'Friends With Benefits:' Same Movie?

Are 'No Strings Attached' and 'Friends With Benefits' the same movie? I know, I know—your first reaction is probably the one that I had. "This is old news! We already know these movies are dealing with the same best-friends-sleep-together-then-fall-in-love story." But neither of us is as awesome as The Blind Film Critic, who mashed up the two trailers to show that even the perspective shots are the exact same. (OK, so he probably didn't make it himself, but he had someone combine the trailers to show the truth.)