Oh Rihanna, you bad girl!
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Scandalous Celebrity Sex Quotes

Ov vey, celebs. What are we to do with you when you get saucy? Run with it, of course! Tom Ford has a very firm opinion on Rihanna, and RiRi herself has been quite naughty. Read on to find out what the celebs had to say this week.

Oh James Franco, when will you learn?
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Fabulous Celebrity Sex Quotes

What did the celebrities have to say about love, sex and marriage this week, you ask? Well, wonder no more, because we have here our favorite celeb quotes from this past week. Dolly Parton is talking about gay marriage, Chrissy Teigen had sex on a plane, and … well, you'll just have to keep reading to find out!

mindy kaling
Oh Mindy, never stop talking!
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Surprising Celebrity Sex Quotes

From love to sex to boys and their toys (looking at you and your Instagram, Franco), the celebs are speaking out on everything that makes them tick in the romance department. Kerr, Kaling and Cook, they're all here!

Dennis Rodman and Carmen Electra. Guess how long they lasted.
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7 Shockingly Short Celebrity Marriages

Celebrities are known for making rash decision and rushing into relationships. To that end, we've created this: the ultimate list of celebrities whose love couldn't survive 30 days. These ridiculous marriages lasted anywhere from 24 hours to 29 days…and then, splistville.

What will they say next?
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Naughty Celebrity Sex Quotes

Well, the People's Choice Awards have passed, leaving us with some choice quotes (get it?). And then of course there's the general hoopla that celebrities make every day just by opening their mouths. Oh celebs, never change.