Relationship: 10 Telltale Signs You Are Ready For Marriage
Marrying your supporter, lover, and companion has been the best decision thus far!
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10 Telltale Signs You Are Ready For Marriage

Do you look at your mate and think about the biggest step you both could take: marriage? Is it somewhat a scary thought or are you delighted? Which ever emotion you are feeling, it is always great to have a little insight on such a serious and life-changing decision. If you want to test yourself, to see if your honey is all that you want and need, read on if you're ready to take the plunge.

Veronica Berti & Andrea Bocelli
Veronica Berti and Andrea Bocelli have been together for almost half of her life!
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Who Is Andrea Bocelli's New Wife, Veronica Berti?

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli married his longtime love, Veronica Berti, this weekend. So who is the lovely lady? Veronica Berti is a dozen years younger than Andrea Bocelli. Berti, 30, met Bocelli when she turned 18. How convenient! Berti is Bocelli's second wife. Bocelli was previously married to Enrica Cenzatti in 1992, who bore him two sons, but they separated in 2002. Cenzatti still lives next door to Bocelli and Berti.