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Pamela Anderson swearing men
The former 'Baywatch' star is saying no to guys
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Why Is Pamela Anderson Swearing Off Men?

A few things come to mind when the name Pamela Anderson is heard, but none of them include celibacy. However, according to People, the blonde bombshell has surprisingly announced: "I've sworn off men until November." Why the sudden change of heart?

Hope Solo YourTango Exclusive
Hope Solo in an exclusive YourTango CelebLove TV interview

Hope Solo: Confident & Ready For The London Olympics

Yes, she's strikingly beautiful, but there's way more to Hope Solo than meets the eye. Nothing gets past her -- not even soccer balls kicked by some of the world's best female athletes. Perhaps that's why this Team USA Goalkeeper is heading to the summer Olympics in London this year to compete for her third gold medal!

John Mayer hat
... but can he explain this hat?
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All Grown Up? John Mayer Explains His "Dumb Interviews"

John Mayer can speak again! The talented guitarist, whose vocal problems forced him to cancel his spring tour and led him to record instrumental covers of Lana Del Rey songs, visited "Ellen" today to chat about his new album "Born and Raised" and his recent Botox injections ...

Jennifer Love Hewitt vajazzling
Was this really necessary, JLove?
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TMI! Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets Vajazzled "For Special Occasions"

Oh, Jennifer Love Hewitt. When is she going to realize that subtlety is sexier than revealing way too much, too soon? There was something sparkling about the 33-year-old star of Lifetime's The Client List last Wednesday when she attended A&E's 2012 Upfronts. But, it wasn't her pearly white teeth or dazzling brown eyes ... it was her hooha.

Cameron Diaz short hair
Don't worry Cameron, it will grow back!
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Single Cameron Diaz Feels Ugly With Short Hair

Some actresses like Michelle Williams and Emma Watson may love having short hair, but not Cameron Diaz! According to Us Weekly, the 39-year-old 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' star revealed that she didn't mean to cut her hair so short, and that she burst into tears when she realized the mistake the friend/stylist had made.

Tim Tebow smiling
Tebow may be single, but he is happier than ever!
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Tim Tebow Is Single... And Ready To Mingle?

Quarterback Tim Tebow may be following in Mark Sanchez's footsteps on the field, but the same can't be said for off the field. Mark Sanchez is reportedly dating sexy model Kate Upton, but his newest New York Jets team member isn't interested in being set up with another swimsuit model.

Eva Longoria Pepsi Next
The actress is keeping that smile big and bright!
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Single Eva Longoria Staying Positive: "I'm A Hopeless Romantic"

Even a broken heart can't break the spirit of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria. The actress says that even after going through another breakup, she's still a "hopeless romantic." Earlier this year Longoria, 37, parted ways with on-again, off-again boyfriend Eduardo Cruz, 27, the younger brother of To Rome With Love star Penelope Cruz.