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Molly Shannon
"I try not to work too much because I really love being with my kids," Shannon tells us.
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'SNL's' Molly Shannon Talks Family, Mother's Day & Jimmy Fallon

It's been more than a decade since Molly Shannon left—superstar!—Mary Katherine Gallagher behind in favor of the big screen. Currently starring in 'Scary Movie 5', the 'Saturday Night Live' favorite wed artist Fritz Chestnut in 2004 and the couple is now parents to Stella and Nolan.

Jennifer Lopez and her daughter Emme
J.Lo is the proud mommy of twins, including her little fashion star Emme.
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10 Celebrity Moms Of Multiples

Most of these mommies turned to fertility treatments to conceive their multiples ... and they have hired help to keep up with their rugrats. Ah, Hollywood mommyhood.