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Jay Leno & Wife Mavis Leno
Jay Leno is retiring with longtime wife Mavis by his side. Get to know her!
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Who Is Jay Leno's Wife, Mavis Leno?

Jay Leno is leaving 'The Tonight Show' this week after 22 years on air. That's a big commitment! An even bigger one? His commitment to his wife Mavis Leno: They've been married for 34 years!

18 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Married To Each Other
Lisa Bonet with husband Jason Momoa
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18 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Married To Each Other

Most celebrity marriages are as high profile as they come. But a few fly under the fame radar, maintaining their privacy (a priceless commodity in the celeb world) and keeping their romantic partnerships in the background. Check out these nine couples you didn't know were married to each other.

hugh hefner and crystal harris private jet
Hugh Hefner with his runaway bride, Crystal Harris.
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Sugar Daddies: Love Or Exploitation?

Meeting an older, richer man and marrying him for his money is purely opportunistic ... according to some. Others have a different view. They believe that love is love at any age and in any tax bracket.