Jessica Simpson Goes Makeup Free On Date Night—See The Photo!

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The new parents — Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson — are overdue for a night out!

We're used to seeing the red carpet side of the singer-turned-reality star-turned-fashion designer: all dolled up with flawless makeup and luscious golden locks. But recently, she gave us a sneak peek into date night out with her fiance and baby daddy Eric Johnson by sharing a pic on Twitter.

"Aquaphor from the diaper bag ... And a filter ;) Date night," she tweeted.

We've always loved Jessica's unwavering sense of confidence especially in the face of those who have criticized her relentlessly regarding her weight and body image. We say, let the haters hate, Jessica! We think you're gorgeous without a touch of eyeshadow on!

See the photo over at Radar Online: No Makeup, No Problem For Jessica Simpson On 'Date Night'

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