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Johnny Knoxville Files For Divorce

According to the AP, Johnny Knoxville, nee Philip John Clapp, has filed for divorce, citing ‘irreconcilable differences.’ Johnny Knoxville has been married to Melanie Clapp for 12 years and he is seeking joint custody of their daughter, Madison. The Clapps have been separated since July 2006. It’s amazing that JK has been married for so long and more or less on the DL. The great thing about ‘irreconcilable differences’ as divorce motive is that it can mean so many things. We think it typically means that one or both parties wants to sleep with other people. But it can sometimes mean that one party lives an ‘alternative lifestyle’ or has an $800-a-day drug habit and their spouse loves them enough to protect their privacy but not stay with them. Who knew that Johnny’s real name was Phil Clapp? It sounds like what old sailors would call getting VD while on shore leave in Philadelphia. “I seen Lerlene last weekend; pretty sure that she gave me the Phil Clap.”

Melrose Place to Wisteria Lane: Real Life Love

Melrose Place to Wisteria Lane: Real Life Love

On Desperate Housewives, Doug Savant's character, Tom Scavo, is married to Felicity Huffman’s Lynette. He met his real-life wife is, Laura Leighton, as co-cast members of Melrose Place. Despite the auspicious meeting, the two have a totally normal life, perhaps discounting job-hopping through prime time dramas. But let the men leering at their Hi-Defs be dazzled by Eva and Nicollette. Let the women at the water cooler gossip about the beefcake of the week. Doug Savant and Laura Leighton have something you can’t find on Wisteria Lane or at the pool in Melrose Place: four great kids, a romance that’s survived both financial and health crises, and a life that will seem more familiar to Savant’s viewers than to his fellow castmembers. Up at five. Kids to school. Work. Home. A family dinner, if possible. Homework. Kids to bed. Read on to find out more.