Russell Brand sunglasses
Look who's been getting around!
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Guess Who Russell Brand Is Hooking Up With Now?

Russell Brand has started moving on from his divorce from songstress Katy Perry. The lucky lady with whom he is doing so is none other than Isabella Brewster, younger sister to actress Jordana Brewster, reports the New York Daily News.

Tom Cruise holding Suri
It's clear where Tom's heart lies
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A 'Shattered' Tom Cruise Visits Suri In New York

As the story goes, Tom Cruise did not see Katie Holmes' divorce file coming – not for a mile. Coping with that news has been incredibly trying for the actor these past few weeks, especially when it comes to being apart from his daughter, Suri Cruise.

Jon Gosselin smiling
It took him a while, but he's finally admitting his role in his and Kate's divorce.
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Jon Gosselin Apologizes To Ex-Wife Kate Gosselin ... Finally

It was the divorce the entire world saw coming—Jon and Kate Gosselin of TLC's uber-popular reality show, Jon & Kate Plus Eight. We watched the couple bicker as they raised their 8 children, made up of one set of twins and a set of sextuplets. That many kids alone would cause any couple a ton of stress, but when your problems are also broadcast to the entire world on television, it seems to only compound how ugly a breakup can be.

Taylor Swift awards up-close
It was a bad case of the ex for the single gal!
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Taylor Swift Awkwardly Avoids John Mayer, And We Don't Blame Her

Taylor Swift pulled a vanishing act while out at Sunset Towers in West Hollywood in order to avoid her ex-lover, John Mayer. Swift requested to sit as far away from him as possible so as to be able to enjoy her outing without an uncomfortable run-in. This normal reaction by a celebrity has warranted quite a response. But the real question is, why?

Charlie Sheen smiling
Charlie is being, well, Charlie!
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Charlie Sheen Wants To Have Sex With His Ex, Denise Richards

He's trying to make a comeback, but really nothing has changed about Charlie Sheen. In the new issue of Rolling Stone, he reveals he's still a chain-smoking, vodka swilling tough guy, even though he was supposed to be sober after his infamous "tiger blood" rampage that cost him his very lucrative job at Two and A Half Men.

Brandi Glanville pink dress
Brandi's working on getting along with the woman who stole her hubby!
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Rivals Brandi Glanville & LeAnn Rimes Are Trying To Work It Out

It's true—hell hath NO fury like a housewife scorned... And this seems to be especially true for Brandi Glanville, former wife of actor Eddie Cibrian and star of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She had an axe to grind with LeAnn Rimes, who Eddie cheated with and is now married to, and she didn't try to hide it!

Sofia Vergara
THIS is what she looks like right after a breakup? Amazing!
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Sexy Sofia Vergara Is Single Now

"Ay, Jayyyy!" That's Sofia Vergara's catch phrase on the hit show, Modern Family, but in her personal life, it may sound more like, "Ay, Nick!" According to the New York Post, the actress just broke up with her boyfriend of over two years, Nick Loeb.

Chelsy Davy and Prince Harry
Are these ex-lovers giving it another go?
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Prince Harry & Ex Chelsy Davy: Hooking Up Again?

Will Prince Harry and Chelsy Davy be able to make it work now that they're a bit older and still as gorgeous? A source tells Us Weekly that the on-and-off lovebirds are dating again. If you recall, the Prince, 27, and Davy, 26, called it quits back in 2009 after 5 years together.