Casey Kasem Dead at 82,Wife Jean Kasem, Under Investigation

Casey Kasem Dead at 82,Wife Jean Kasem, Under Investigation

Casey Kasem’s feuding family can now hopefully make peace and go their separate ways, because the radio legend, whose health had been progressively declining for the past few years, has passed away. Casey Kasem died on June 15, 2014 at the age of 82. Confirming the news of his death on Facebook, his daughter, Kerri Kasem, said that he was “surrounded by family and friends” and that he is “in a better place and no longer suffering.”

Peaches Geldof, who was found dead at 25
Peaches Geldof was found dead today at only 25 years old.
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Peaches Geldof Dead At 25: A Look Back At Her Love Life

Authorities found Peaches Geldof dead at just 25 years old today. The British socialite was troubled since her childhood, and that was reflected in her dramatic dating life. Geldof was the daughter of music legend Bob Geldof and British TV personality Paula Yates. The couple divorced when Peaches was 11.

Philip Seymour Hoffman
Hoffman said he felt "ashamed that he was going out and hanging out and drinking."
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Philip Seymour Hoffman's Diaries Reveal Love Triangle

Philip Seymour Hoffman may have been battling more than just heroine in his final days. Reports have surfaced that Mimi O'Donnell, Hoffman's partner of more than a decade and mother to his three children, threw the troubled actor out of their NYC apartment just three months before his death.

grieving process
Instead of calling his dealer, he could have picked up the phone and called for help.

Like All Addicts, Philip Seymour Hoffman Did Have A Choice

I have a pattern when it comes to stories about celebrities who overdose. The day the news breaks, I scan the headlines. I react with a mix of sadness and disgust—and familiarity, as I was raised by two addicts. But in cases like Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, I'm not interested in the 'juicy' details. My eyes scan these stories looking for the little people: the kids left behind.

8 Little Known Facts About Whitney Houston's Love Life
Today, the late and great singer would have turned 50.
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On Whitney Houston's 50th Birthday, We Look Back At Her Love Life

Today would have marked the late Whitney Houston's 50th birthday, and by now, you probably already know all the details about her highbrow relationship with Bobby Brown. But their rocky romance eclipsed other details about Whit's love life. So in honor of Whitney's half-centennial birthday, let's look back at the old flames who got her "so emotional."